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Jake Paul is breaking COVID-19 SOPs to host parties

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I am not even surprised Jake Paul is once again getting all the heat for not following the COVID-19 SOPs. The Mayor of Calabasas ‘Alicia Weintraub’ was extremely unhappy with Jake’s irresponsible behavior. I mean even children know that they are not supposed to go to large gatherings.

We get that Jake wanted to throw a party. But filling your house with friends and fans who are not wearing any masks and gloves is just irresponsible. And especially when there are hundreds of them who are practically glued to each other. Maybe someone should just explain the social distancing rules to influencers so that they can practice them in the upcoming weeks.

Jake Paul What Have You Done? Fans Want To Know

The YouTuber was recently charged for his involvement in criminal trespassing during the Black Lives Matter protest in Arizona. But he denied his involvement in any sort of looting or doing something illegal and breaking the law.

Now Jake Paul is yet again getting all the heat for not acting like a sensible adult. He recently threw a party at his Calabasas home. Which was attended by ex-wife Tana Mongeau, the Sway boy Bryce Hall, and Arman Izadi.

A reporter from FOX 11 News reported that the Mayor of the Calabasas city and neighbors were deeply outraged with Jake Paul’s actions. He not only threw a party at his house, but he put the lives of hundreds and hundreds of people in danger.

Neighbors contacted this reported from FOXLA

Well, it’s about time that Jake should make an apology video and talk about how irresponsible he is acting from the past couple of weeks. He is putting everyone’s life at risk.

Mayor of Calabasas is outraged by Jake's behavior

Jake Paul has, kind of, responded to the backlash.

Jake Paul

Arman Izadi is acting irresponsibly?

The party was attended by a lot of fans and friends. Jake’s best friend and the owner of Graffiti Mansion ‘Arman Izadi’, known for his charges, also attended this party. And later he went to see his mother who was admitted to the hospital.

Arman Izadi visited his mom after attending the party

Well, this is very upsetting. It seems like Arman Izadi is not only putting his mother’s life in danger. But he is also putting the lives of hundreds of patients and hospital staff in danger.

The internet community is waiting to see if these celebrities are going to apologize for their irresponsible actions anytime soon. Or, some believe they’re just going to avoid it like Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson are trying to avoid the whole beauty community drama.

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