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Trisha Paytas rejects Jeffree Star’s apology because of Shane Dawson?

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Jeffree Star, the mastermind for Jeffree Star cosmetics and all the famous makeup palettes, is still silent on his social media handles. After the whole beauty community drama, Jeffree has not come forward with any explanation or statement till date. However, he has made a few appearances on his team members’ Instagram stories. He also purchased a new car, a Toyota Supra Widebody, from a YouTuber called TheStradman. Well, while everyone is waiting for his apology, he did apologize to one of his ex-friends (?) Trisha Paytas. And Trisha did not approve. Probably because he did not come forward for Shane Dawson?

Jeffree Star & Trisha Paytas

Jeffree & Trisha have been friends from many years. They have shot many vlogs together. In fact, just before last Christmas, Jeffree Star proposed to Trisha Paytas and they were planning a wedding as well. Of course, it was a joke. However, many people liked the idea and they even started asking for a wedding palette.

Next thing we know, Jeffree & Trisha are spending their Valentine’s Day together. Jeffree Star took a few of his friends to party in Vegas. Trisha Paytas even called Jeffree Star her best valentine ever. Trisha also explained why she couldn’t record everything for the vlog. She was having the time of her life and couldn’t get any time to record much. Meanwhile, Shane Dawson had his date at home and they were enjoying their personal space.

That felt like pure friendship goals. However, things took a turn when one of Jeffree Star’s ex-friends, Tab David, came forward with a video. Tab confirmed that Jeffree Star’s behavior towards his friends was not good during the Valentine’s Las Vegas trip. And that included Trisha Paytas as well. Even though they took a private jet to Vegas, went for “luxury” shopping, and attended many performances. However, nothing could prepare Trisha for the things Jeffree said about her in her absence. Even though Tab didn’t call her name, connecting the dots was not an issue for all. In her vlogs about Tati Westbrook and the beauty community drama, Trisha mentioned Jeffree Star:

If anything, that Vegas trip, I came home in tears. I was crying. I was upset. Those DMs were real to that guy, it was not a good trip, and he just confirmed what I felt on that trip. It was not good. So I’m not defending Jeffree because I don’t know Jeffree like I know Shane.

Many believe that Trisha Paytas and Jeffree Star became friends because of Shane Dawson. Shane & Trisha are really close to each other. And to honor the same, Shane even named one of the shades of Conspiracy Palette as Trisha.

The apology & rejection

Tab David deleted the video soon after uploading it. However, another YouTuber, Sanders Kennedy, uploaded it. After that, there was still a time when Trisha Paytas took Jeffree Star’s side in the whole situation.

However, things changed when Jeffree Star did not come forward to support Shane Dawson publicly after Tati Westbrook’s video. Many also believe that Trisha called out Jeffree Star, and did not @ at him.

In her latest vlog titled Jack In The Box Drama, Trisha Paytas confirmed she DM’d Tab David and thanked him for sharing the information. However, she did not like how her Dms were used as receipts in the video. She said she didn’t talk about it before because she was scared and she did not want any drama. Trisha Paytas kept everything normalized publicly. She also confirmed that Jeffree Star has reached out to her and apologized. And she also said she understands it. But she is not ready to accept the apology. Trisha Paytas might never have the same level of friendship with Jeffree Star again.

I do feel for Jeffree. I really do think he is working on himself. Like, there are some things he can’t help and there are some things i can’t help. Because you’re traumatized. You’re covering, you’re trying to cover something.

Trisha Paytas said she does not want any drama in her life. She might also know the real-life updates of Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star friendship. Probably that’s why she is not accepting the apology. These are all speculations until we have more information.

Trisha might not be accepting the apology now but she might open up more about it when Shane Dawson or Jeffree Star make a video.

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