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Burger King Takes The Lead In Fart Prevention Technology

Cow farts, that is.

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We all know how much of a problem heavy meals cause when it comes to farts. That too often when you’ve had a big juicy beef burger. Well, it looks like Burger King has, ironically, become the leader in Fart Prevention Technology. But, these aren’t the farts that you might be thinking about.

Burger King takes the lead against Cow Farts

Burger King Takes The Lead In Fart Prevention Technology
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There’s no denying that livestock is a massive contributor to Global Warming. What’s even more astonishing is that 65% of that contribution comes from cattle alone. This is because their flatulence (farts) is full of methane, which is a greenhouse gas, that contributes to Global Warming. Moreover, methane 34 times stronger than carbon dioxide.

Now, this is a challenge for Burger King, who basically survive on beef and livestock.

Cows have a natural bacteria in their digestive tracks that ferment their diet. But, the Livestock industry changed their diet with corn and soy. As a result, they’re even gassier than ever, resulting in more cow farts and burps. If you had trouble understanding that, then don’t worry. Burger King is coming for the rescue:

However, Burger King didn’t just make this video for the sake of being informative. As it turns out, the fast-food franchise has announced that it will do something about cow farts and the greenhouse effect caused by livestock, especially beef. In their recent press release, they said:

… (Burger King) partnered with top scientists to develop and test a new diet for cows, which according to initial study results, on average reduces up to 33% of cows’ daily methane emissions.

But, will a Burger King Whopper taste the same from a cow that’s not fed corn and soy? To find that out, the fast-food giants will be offering Reduced Methane Emissions Beef Whopper in select cities. They include Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Portland, & Austin. But, would this special cow fart free burger help you in dealing with your flatulence? Well, Burger King didn’t tell us anything about that. But, if you’re in one of these cities then you can certainly let us know in the comments below by trying that special Whopper!

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