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Murphy Brown Brings Sarah Sanders Under The Scanner

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When Murphy hit TV screens last week, a lot of heads turned. There were mixed reactions to this outrageous breakthrough, and the ratings, although decent, did not really lose the magic. It wasn’t like Murphy had lost her charm, rather things needed time to resettle. In the show’s second episode, the furious fire changes its course. Tangents away from Trump, Murphy and her team now take down the Whitehouse Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. Carefully slicing chunks out of Sanders’ real-life addresses, Murphy Brown incorporates a de facto divide in America’s media universe into the storyline. Murphy Brown does not take a noble motive behind its scrutiny of the issue. Rather it plays along conversations, before arriving on what do actually do. The show starts off by taking on first, the instant social media reactions to live TV. It unsparingly despises dank reactions- if you’re thrown with knowledge, boomerang back with intellect else stay tight-lipped. Frank’s yawning sequence basically constructed this idea.

Murphy Brown got a new secretary too. For explainable reasons, her stint was short-lived. The show quickly paced forward to Phil’s bar where the crew gets together to discuss Murphy’s dismissal from the Whitehouse. Avery too joins them. He gets back at his mother in a sensitive parody when she tries to belittle his questions and curious journalism. He reveals how he had inched personally closer to Sarah, whilst mocking Murphy for not being able to get under the Whitehouse roof.

For the more loyal audiences, this entails predictable circumstances. Avery’s disposition triggers and egoistic Murphy Brown. Driven by a professional paranoia she decides to step into the Oval Office by hook or by crook. Murphy’s crew of great friends assist Murphy in her guise and dress her up as a French Journalist with a hilariously ridiculous first name. Pat arranges for the fake ID cards and oversees the security arrangements while Murphy illegally barges into the Whitehouse.

But as we all know Murph isn’t the person who listens. Minutes after she had made her way into the Whitehouse, she throws away her disguise and storms into the room where Sarah is addressing the reporters.

“Why do you lie?” Murphy asks Sanders, from inside the studio set’s recreation of the White House briefing room.

Sanders, who is taken back by the audacity and fortitude,  cannot think of anything better to say and replies “I think that’s an absolutely ridiculous question,”. This was an extract from a real press briefing by Sarah Sanders.

The back-and-forth continues a bit, and as Murphy points out specific cases when Sanders has lied about Trump administration policies, the scene is intercut with actual reaction shots from Sanders herself. “How demoralizing is it for us to be called the enemy of the people?” Murphy asks as we see a shot of Sanders’s downcast eyes. Eventually, Murphy attempts to lead a revolt inside the briefing room, encouraging her fellow journalists to walk out in protest — journalists who include her son Avery, a reporter for a rival Fox News-ish outlet called the Wolf Network.

“The most basic principle of journalistic integrity, to report the facts, is totally out of reach,” Murphy declares, incensed by Sanders’s persistent lies. “I say we get up and walk out right now. Let’s show this administration we’re not going to take it anymore!” Sadly no one gets up in her support, not even her son.

Back at her house, Avery confronts his mother. She criticizes him for not taking a stand, but he rationally explains that if people would have left to support her, only the unintelligent Republican pets would remain in the office to cover Sarah in heavenly light. The episode winds up kindling a sense that being radical is not the solution to America’s political malaise.

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