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The Perfect Music Anthem for 2020 is here

It started as a TikTok song

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The year 2020 sucks for everyone. That much is true and no one can deny it. Starting from the Australia bushfires to going straight to a global pandemic. It was not anyone’s year. That’s what the band Avenue Beat was singing about as well. They vented on TikTok about it but people loved their few lines so much they wanted them to make a full song on it. And that they did! Personally, I think that it is the perfect anthem for 2020!

The song is aptly titled ‘FU**K 2020’

Consisting of three girls, Sami Bearden, Sam Backoff, and Savana Santos, Avenue Beat managed to summarize how 2020 sucks with a high level of accuracy.

The iconic song Fu** 2020 starts off with:

December 31st, I grabbed a beer / Threw it up, said, “2020 is my year, b*tches” / And I honestly thought that that was true / Until I gave this motherf*cker like a month or two / This is getting kind of ridiculous at this point.

Avenue Beat talks about their own frustrations of their cat dying, of not getting their music to be a hit nor making any money:

Yo, my cat died, and this global pandemic took over my life /  and I put out some music that nobody liked. / so I got really sad and bored with my life / and that’s why I’m like lowkey fu** 2020.

But they did mention how some people may have it worse than them but it doesn’t change the fact that the year sucks for everyone:

okay that was a lot / the problems I got are honestly probably not that bad / when I compare them to some sh*t y’all have/ but I’m just stating the facts / this year is just whack / emotionally I am lonely & anxious & mad / and if you feel me on that / lowkey fu** 2020

The way they sing the main chorus ‘Fu** 2020’ is absolutely perfect. Beat Avenue’s soft voices added nuance to the melodic ryhtms and a very relatable message.

Listen to it yourself!

The imagery used in the song is also powerful

It wasn’t just the catchy beats of the music and addictive chorus, but the pictures they used also made an impact. The pictures are displayed on a phone screen, and the girls are singing and dancing in front of it.

The pictures are showing major events that happened in 2020 such as the bushfires, Black Lives Matter movement displaying posters of ‘Justice for Breonna Taylor’, and ‘George Floyd’. The political tensions in the country are highlighted with the poster of ‘Abolish Trump’ too.

There are also the singers themselves with different clips of them doing random things which shows how similar we all. In some of them, they are wearing masks to emphasize the coronavirus pandemic.

People are loving the anthem

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks that Fu** 2020 by Avenue beat is the unofficial official anthem this year deserves:


It also makes people emotional since it is definitely depressing to think about everything that has happened. We still aren’t halfway through 2020 yet, what else does the year have in store for us? The thought stresses me out.

Though, we can find some comfort in knowing that aren’t alone in feeling all the despair that we felt this year. That’s what Avenue Beat hoped to convey with their song too. The group is grateful that people loved the song and could relate to it:

“We’re so so thankful we get to put this out. Without the people liking it and blowing it up, never in a million years would we be able to convince our team to release it.”

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