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Fans Want Nathan Schwandt To Expose Jeffree Star

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Nathan Schwandt has been silent as a peep since his breakup with ex-boyfriend Jeffree Star. For all those people who still don’t know about this hot cake ‘Nathan Schwandt’, he was in a relationship with Jeffree Star for almost five years. And he is also the one and only long term boyfriend Jeffree ever managed to have. Though he has a new arm candy, Jozea Rose. Oh wait, we don’t even know if he is still a part of Jeffree’s life. Or if he is a boyfriend. Or if he was just a one-time thing. But alas, Jeffree did go on a date with him.

It’s clear now that Jeffree is probably avoiding Jozea just like he is avoiding the whole beauty community drama like a plague. And Nathan on the other hand is questioned every day about his breakup with Jeffree Star.

Nate should expose Jeffree

Nathan Schwandt Should expose Jeffree Star

So we all know that Nathan took the initiative to DM Jeffree. They both talked and liked each other like a lot. And we have seen a lot of their PDA on social media. Nate never ever wanted to be in the spotlight. But sometimes you have to do a certain kind of thing for your loved ones. Even when you dislike those certain things. like making continuous appearances on social media and trying to show people that you blend in really well.

But deep down you know that you don’t want that kind of attention. If you go and watch Jeffree’s old YouTube videos, you will see how sad Nathan looks in most of them. A lot of Jeffree Star fans fell for Nathan’s amazing and humble personality after the breakup. And Jeffree’s fame would have made him feel out of place.

And ever since this thing has been bothering fans that Nathan knows too much about Jeffree’s life’. He knew what he was getting himself into. Some fans also speculate that Nate had to move out because he must have signed an NDA which was about to expire.

Now, these fans want Nathan to expose Jeffree’s reality to the world. As he has been MIA for almost two weeks. And his public image is not doing so well amid the beauty community drama. And it’s about time that someone should take a step forward and expose him for all the not so good things he has done in the past.

Nate should expose Jeffree

Nathan knows each and everything. The whole lipstick nazi drama, Tati Westbrook x James Charles, drama, racism videos, glamorizing self-harm and so many other things which we don’t even know about.

Nate has been there with Jeffree no matter what and he knows all the things which happened behind the curtains. So why is he staying quiet?

Nate should speak up

Let’s just hope and pray that Nate gets to share his side of the story soon. A person needs some solid reasons to leave his job, his partnerships in business, and a lot more. I guess we should have felt much better if it was Nathan’s decision to step back first and just leave everything behind. But it was Jeffree who broke this news on social media.

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