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Why Netflix removed Derry Girls Season 2 just 4 days after adding it

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We all know how Netflix continually adds and removes content that isn’t a Netflix Original Series. That’s because they purchase contracts for adding movies and TV shows and the contracts often have a time limit. Well, that isn’t exactly what happened here. Derry Girls Season 2 was added in the streaming service for UK and Northern Ireland users. But just four days after the season was added, Netflix removed the season! No contract would give just four days for a season to be available on a streaming service. So, what really happened?

Netflix explains that it was their mistake

The streaming service, Netflix, issued a statement explaining to their fans about the confusion. They shared that they had added the show ‘a bit early’ for their UK and North Ireland viewers.

It was confirmed that when Derry Girls season 3 premiers on its original network, only then can Derry Girls season 2 arrive on Netflix for the UK. Netflix bought the rights for the show on that condition.

Derry Girls is originally produced by Hat Trick and is aired on Channel 4 for British and Irish viewers. However, season 3 for Derry Girls will take some to premiere due to the coronavirus causing delays in productions. That basically means the UK will have to wait almost a year before they can get Derry Girls season 2 back on their Netflix screens.

Elsewhere, outside of the UK, Derry Girls season 2 is available for people to stream.

It’s a beloved show globally

Many have fallen in love with Channel 4 TV show. Derry Girls revolves around teenage girls and their families when they try to go through the challenges of life of being in Catholic secondary school. It shows a time at the end of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. With all its humor, the show manages to add nuance on the show by adding political elements in it too. To its core, it’s a sitcom that people all over the world have grown to love ever since it came on Netflix.

It was created by Lisa McGee and the cast includes Louisa Harland, Dylan Llewellyn, Jamie-Lee O’Donnell, Saorise-Monica Jackson, and Nicola Coughlan. Derry Girls was also renewed for season 3.

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