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Russell Crowe Gives Gladiator Plot Reminder Amid Sequel Rumors

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You know a movie was pure legendary when you’re still talking about it 20 years later. Yes, we’re talking about ‘Gladiator’ (2000), starring Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix. There’s no denying that this film had a massive impact on pop culture that is felt to this day. Moreover, the 11 oscar nominations speak for themselves. However, Russel Crowe gave us a friendly reminder about the plot of the film, amid Gladiator sequel rumors.

Russell Crowe opens up in an interview

Russell Crowe Gives Gladiator Plot Reminder Amid Sequel Rumors
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In a recent interview with E! News, Crowe recalled some of his fond memories about having had to work with such a massive film in his career. He also mentions that making ‘Gladiator’ was a practical “chaos”:

To have a film in your career where 20 years after, doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, somewhere in the world it’s still playing on primetime TV… t’s amazing. We certainly, when we were making it, we never would have expected it to have the legs that it had. In fact, while we were making it, it was chaos.

Moreover, Russell Crowe also mentioned how every crew member was involved in the creative process of ‘Gladiator’:

The schedule was very helpful in that regard because we were literally making s**t up as we went. There’s no two ways about it. Every actor was involved in the process of creation and sort of adjusting their characters and building their characters. But (director) Ridley (Scott) had just created such a rich world for us all to exist in and as every actor came in the door, they just accepted that world and accepted that we were all going to be wearing funny costumes and talking in a funny way and just bought into it.

What about a Gladiator Sequel?

Of course, how could a conversation about Gladiator commence without mention of rumors for its sequel? They asked Russell Crowe the same question, and he replied:

I can tell you those conversations have been going on since the last day of shooting. The last one and there’s been a lot of different ideas of approaching things.

However, Crowe admitted that he has not been part of the conversation for a Gladiator sequel. But, before we start marching to Rome, Crowe also gave us a reminder about a plot element of the original Gladiator film that perfectly explains why he is not in the mix:

I keep being like this sort of party pooper when I say, I just wanted to remind you I died in the first one. So, I don’t really know. This far away, could we play with that? We could…

That is some optimism by Russell Crowe, who is apparently willing to come back from the dead as Maximus to defy Joaquin Phoenix’s Commodus again. But, we’re a little scarce on information about a Gladiator sequel. After Deadline reported it back in 2018, our most recent update came from Connie Nielson in May, who said:

So, we did hear from the producers. I think it’s just a question of which film is coming first in Ridley’s very tight schedule. And then I think it’s a question of COVID and can we get back to work.

Hopefully, we get to see Nielson, Lena Headey, Joaquin Phoenix, and Russell Crowe (somehow) back together in a Gladiator sequel.

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