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Conan O’Brien Says Goodbye To His Band

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On Thursday, Conan O’Brien hosted his last hour-long show on late-night TV. Conan has been one of the longest reigning hosts on late-night television. But recently, he bid farewell to his house band now that his show will undergo a major format shift. Even when Conan O’Brien will return back in January with the updated show, the new format eliminates the presence of a house band and musical performances. And the host was emotional when announcing that Jimmy Vivino & the Basic Cable Band would not be returning in January. It was a much overwhelming time as the band has been with O’Brien through almost all of his late-night travels.

Although, his show is going on a break, Conan O’Brien will definitely be seen around. He is bringing forward some of the best comedians for an 18-city tour on 2nd November. And his latest travel show premieres on TBS on 28th November.

Conan O’Brien Bids Farewell

On the latest episode of Conan, Conan O’Brien was teary-eyed because his show is taking on a major format change. The show will return back in January 2019 after a 3-month hiatus with an update 30-minute format. But the show will no longer feature its musical performances. When addressing the change in format, the host Conan O’Brien claimed that he is going for only half an hour so he could really focus on things he loves. He even joked that he was not talking about his wife and children since that ship sailed years ago. But instead, O’Brien was talking about travel shows, silly remote pieces, interviews of brilliantly distinct people and so much more.

Excitement for the new format of his new late-night show is real. But it’s impossible to say that Conan O’Brien is not saddened by the thought of bidding farewell to his band. He claimed that ever since they started this journey almost 25 years back, his band has been a constant source of joy. And that his remarkable musicians delivered talent, enthusiasm, and incredible showmanship for over 4,000 hours. Conan O’Brien further explained that at the point in his career when he was without a show, this band accompanied him on a tour. And that nationwide tour still remains one of the highlights of his professional career.

The band formerly led by Bruce Springsteen and  the E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg has been with Conan O’Brien from the very start. And through all of his late-night shows. When the show moved to TBS back in 2010, Vivino took over as the bandleader. In the latest episode of Conan, O’Brien claimed that in the history of television, his band was the most versatile, loyal and joyously effervescent. And thanked each member for 25 years of laughter, friendship, and the best music that he had ever known.

Before the show went on its hiatus, Conan O’Brien joined the band for one final musical performance.

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