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TMZ criticized for declaring Naya Rivera dead before official press conference

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While all the Glee fans are waiting for the Venture Co. Sheriff Press Conference to begin at 2 PM today, they are hit by something classified as unethical journalism. The Sheriff department confirmed that they have found a dead body at Lake Piru this morning, where Naya Rivera went missing 6 days ago. However, further information and confirmations will be shared in the conference by the authorities. But seems like it’s Kobe Bryant’s death all over again since his death news broke the internet way before the officials confirmed it. And Bryant family found out about the news from the internet, instead of the official authorities.

Naya Rivera declared dead by the internet

Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash news sent everyone around the globe in a shock. He was accompanied by his daughter Gigi Bryant, and 7 more people. That time, TMZ was criticized for unethical journalism as such news hurts the family of the victims. Reports said, they did not think about the other victims and their families and how such news can affect their life.

Now, it seems like history is repeating itself, but just after 6 months. This time, Naya Rivera, former Glee actress, was confirmed missing when her 4-years-old son was found sleeping in a rented boat at Lake Piru. There were no signs of Naya. However, her car was parked in the parking lot and CCTV footage showed her heading to the boat with her son Josey.

Authorities have been looking for her body, or any signs, from last 6 days. They found a dead body this morning. And the details will be shared soon. But it seems like the internet has already presumed her dead as RIP Naya Rivera has started trending on Twitter. And it might have something to do with the media, including TMZ, confirming that it’s Naya Rivera’s dead body.

The criticism following the fake news

The news is considered fake as long as official authorities at the Ventura Co. Sheriff department do not confirm it. This is the latest tweet from a reporter who is at Lake Piru at the moment:

Considering the officials have not confirmed anything yet, the logical side of the internet has demanded TMZ to delete their post.

Naya Rivera


While there are some people that are justifying the action taken by TMZ.

TMZ Naya rivera

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments below.


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