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This Heartwarming Walter White Scene Was Deleted From Breaking Bad Finale

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I think there’s little doubt among all show watchers that Breaking Bad had one of the most amazing finales of all time. Because of that perfect ending, everyone remembers that show very fondly. But, did you know that there was one heartwarming scene that was omitted from the finale that included Bryan Cranston’s, Walter White? It’s true! But do you think it could have made the finale any better? Let’s take a look!

What made the finale so amazing?

This Heartwarming Walter White Scene Was Deleted From Breaking Bad Finale

To understand the Breaking Bad finale, you have to see the show in its totality. The finale was all about acceptance of his own self for Walter White and tying all the loose ends for the people he had wronged. That included his wife, Skylar White, and his former partner, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).

By the finale, Walter already knew that he was dying, but he did not want to let his years of crime go to waste. For that, he ensured Skylar and the kids got his money for the remainder of their life. And as for Jesse, Walter sacrificed his already fragile life to save him from torture and cruelty. As we saw Walter bleed to death, Breaking Bad came to its well-deserved finale. But, there this one scene that could have made the Breaking Bad finale even better!

The deleted scene from the Breaking Bad finale

In the original series finale, Walter makes a phone call posing as a reporter. In the deleted scene, however, he was also supposed to make a call to a former student of his from school. Then, Walter asks the student if he was a good teacher, to which the student says that he was. He even recalled the lecture where Walter used chemicals to change the color of a flame. This scene is not part of the original finale but is included among the special features of the series’ DVD.

This scene that was deleted from the Breaking Bad finale was supposed to show us his pure love for chemistry and how he was a beloved teacher too. That element of his personality was largely overshadowed throughout the series. It shows that he could have lived a better life if it was not for his own decisions and the cruelty of the life he lived. It would have shown the audience the true tragedy of Walter White, who later became Heisenberg.

All hopes are on Better Call Saul

This Heartwarming Walter White Scene Was Deleted From Breaking Bad Finale

Breaking Bad might be over, but we still have its coveted prequel waiting for us. It’s very much at par with Breaking Bad, with some fans even saying that it could surpass Breaking Bad in terms of quality. However, it still has one season left in its locker. Do you think Vince Gilligan would be able to pull off another masterclass by making Better Call Saul’s finale just as good as Breaking Bad, if not better? And do you think the Breaking Bad finale would have been better if this scene was not deleted? Let us know in the comments below!

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