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Jake Paul feels lonely watching Logan Paul and his Girlfriend Josie Canseco

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So, from the past couple of days, Jake Paul is hanging out with ex-wife Tana Mongeau. They’re posting Insta stories and getting a little more than cozy. On the other hand, Jake never mentioned or announced a breakup with his recent girlfriend Julia Rose. I think they are not together anymore as Julia has deleted pictures with Jake from her social media. Except for this one picture in which she is standing in front of Jake’s car.

Anyways, Jake just posted a video on his YouTube with the title ‘I’m single and I hate Logan Paul‘. Now, why would he hate his very own beloved brother? Maybe because Logan is a little more sensible than Jake or maybe because big brother is happy with his bae Josie Canseco. And why is he not mentioning Tana’s sudden reappearance in his life?

Let’s see what Jake Paul’s vlog is all about

So let’s take a look at how Jake Paul is showing sadness in his latest YouTube video. You will see him doing Jet Skiing to breaking the skittle candy machine and having cereal out of the super fancy and expensive Dior shoe.

The craziness/ sadness doesn’t stop here. He takes a trip to Vegas with his friends and brother. And if you fast forward the video to 2:35, you will love the quick dance session. And ends it by saying ‘My DMs are wide open girls’.

Then at 2:28, you will see Jake waving at Logan Paul and his girl Josie Canseco and yelling ‘couple goals’. He further adds that ‘I can’t wait to buy my girlfriend a horse’. To which Logan replies ‘you need a girlfriend first’. Uhh, well. So this kind of explains the fact that Jake and Julia are not together anymore.

I just love the dunk tank part. Jake’s friend and brother miss the target once. But Josie somehow manages to hit the ball on the target. And Jake replies to Josie in a very funny way.

“Are you on steroids?”

Maybe she is high on Logan’s fuel? Wait, I don’t even know if that’s a thing but I hope you all get my point.

Jake’s heart to heart moment with big brother Logan Paul

So Jake finally decides to share the reason for his sadness with Logan & Josie and pour his heart out to them.

Logan questions his little brother if this is going to be a deep vlog where he will finally be pouring out his emotions and feelings.

To which Jake replies:

“I was just in Vegas like watching you guys. And obviously I was sober in Vegas. And I am making progress like we talked about. But I was just watching you guys. It just made me sad, man.

I don’t know what to do. Because you know, you can love someone but it doesn’t mean you have to be with them. And I am just going through it.”

What Logan Paul says to Jake Paul

Let’s see what Logan Paul has to say about this whole thing:

“Yeah, it s*cks bro. Emotional torment is the worst. I think if you can like reroute that energy though that you used to waste on I will use the word ‘unloved’.”

Fans are assuming that big brother is not really happy about Jake’s love life and the choices he has made in the past. As he wants his little brother to focus more on his career.

“Jake: When I was with you guys in Vegas. It constantly reminds me of being in love. And wanting to have that person that I lived my life with. And do everything with and grow together with.

Have careers together with, cuddle with, and watch Netflix with…

I am here basically to tell you guys today that I don’t think I can be friends with you guys anymore.”

Well, Jake really had a lot of things to say. I guess we all can understand how he must be feeling seeing his Logan Paul enjoy jet skiing with his sweetheart.

Logan wants his brother to focus more on himself

Anyways, Logan Paul also wants Jake to focus more on himself first. We all know the key to a successful relationship is happiness. You have to work on finding happiness in your life first before you share it with somebody else.

It’s hard to understand why Jake is feeling lonely. As he is hanging out with ex-wife Tana Mongeau from the past couple of weeks. Let’s just hope and pray that he finds his happy place soon. Or maybe Tana can make him feel better about himself.

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