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Ringo Starr Thinks His Best Work In The Beatles Was This John Lennon Classic!

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There’s no doubt that Ringo Starr has had quite some hits with The Beatles. From Octopus’s Garden to Yellow Submarine, his list is really decent. But, he believes his best work with the band was an accidental classic from John Lennon – Rain.

Released as the B-side to ‘Paperback Writer’, ‘Rain’ was recorded in between the sessions of Revolver. But, more significantly, this song came into life back when the Beatles were changing their appearance and manner of the band. Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison were losing their hair cuts and matching clothes. It was the dawn of a new era, with Beatlemania finally over.

How Lennon accidentally wrote ‘Rain’

And with that, John Lennon began to dive deeper into his own person and began using it as his inspiration for songs. In fact, it was a theme common among the Beatles at the time, with Ringo Starr, George Harrison, and Paul McCartney. Lennon wasn’t limited to lyrics as well, as he would also use recording tricks. He said:

After we’d done the session on that particular song — it ended at about four or five in the morning — I went home with a tape to see what else you could do with it. And I was sort of very tired, you know, not knowing what I was doing, and I just happened to put it on my own tape recorder and it came out backwards. And I liked it better. So that’s how it happened.

Yes, that’s right! John Lennon was able to record a piece of backward tape on record just because he was stoned. But, that’s how most of their songs came back then. Remember Ringo Starr’s ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’? Lennon recalls:

I got home from the studio and I was stoned out of my mind on marijuana… and, as I usually do, I listened to what I’d recorded that day. Somehow it got on backwards and I sat there, transfixed, with the earphones on, with a big hash joint. I ran in the next day and said, ‘I know what to do with it, I know… listen to this!’ So I made them all play it backwards.

It may have been an accidental touch from Lennon, but for the rest, it was a full day’s work. And Ringo Starr is especially proud of that song.

What did Ringo Starr love about ‘Rain’?

In an interview in 1984, Ringo Starr talks about ‘Rain’ and recalls what exactly was so special about his work in that song:

My favourite piece of me is what I did on ‘Rain.’ I think I just played amazing. I was into the snare and hi-hat.

Moreover, Ringo Starr goes on to explain what part of his drums in ‘Rain’ blows him away:

I think it was the first time I used the trick of starting a break by hitting the hi-hat first instead of going directly to a drum off the hi-hat. I think it’s the best out of all the records I’ve ever made. ‘Rain’ blows me away. It’s out in left field. I know me and I know my playing… and then there’s ‘Rain.’

And that is what makes Ringo absolutely love his work in ‘Rain’. We’ve always felt he was underrated as a Beatles drummer, but he knew his worth, which is why he left the band early when he felt unloved. Anyway, if you want to listen to his brilliance, give a listen to ‘Rain’:

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