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Dead bodies TikTok Users Discovered have been Identified

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In June, a group of TikTok users came across something highly disturbing. The TikTok users actually found two dead bodies in a bunch of black bags while they were on a beach. The moment was recorded on camera. The group alerted the police authorities right away and since then an investigation took place. Now, it seems like the two dead bodies have been identified.

The dead bodies belong to Jessica Lewis and Austin Wenner

As per the authorities, in this case, the King County Medical Examiner’s office, the dead bodies belong to Austin Wenner and her girlfriend Jessica Lewis. The cause of death for them was gunshots. Jessica Lewis suffered multiple gunshots, meanwhile, Austin Wenner had only one. The authorities are speculating that the homicide event took place ten days prior. As of now, the police have not found out who is behind the shootings.

The case gained a lot of attention as it was on TikTok

The group of TikTok users found the bodies was purely coincidental. They used an app called Randonautica which generates random locations for users to go and explore. The group of teens clearly thought this was someplace random and perhaps they could find something interesting to film TikTok videos about. However, they found something quite disturbing.

Initially, they found a suitcase. When they opened it, they found a black trash bag and when they opened it, they were immediately hit with a foul smell that overwhelmed them. That is when they called on the police because they thought something was off. When the police arrived, it was found that there are actual dead bodies in that location. One of the users also claimed they were feeling nervous while filing the report.

The police are glad the video exists and say this was not staged

The police detective involved with this case, Mark Jamieson, doesn’t think that video is staged. Moreover, he says that they interviewed the teenagers that filmed the TikTok video as well:

We’ve interviewed them and we’re actually glad that the video is out because it helps corroborate some of the information. I can tell you that it’s accurate.

Furthermore, Jamieson shares that no one filed a missing person report for either Jessica Lewis or Austin Wenner before the bodies were discovered.

Status of the police investigation now

The aunt of one of the victims, Jessia Lewis, has since then issued a plea for help. The aunt, Gina Jaschke, did an interview with NBC’s King5 news and urged the people to come forward with anything that can help the case. The information can be forwarded at the Seattle Police Tip Line at 206-233-5000.

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