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Shane Dawson tells Keemstar there is no Police Investigation going on

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Shane Dawson is in some deep drama these days. Some of it involves some possible manipulative behavior he has done along with his friend Jeffree Star against James Charles. But the drama in the beauty community of YouTube isn’t incriminating behavior. However, Shane was also found to be making highly problematic pedophilic jokes. The jokes are not incriminating either, but they do not paint a good picture. But a YouTuber, by the names of Sanders Kennedy, was spinning this rumor that a police investigation is taking place around Shane Dawson. He implied in his video that there was some evidence that has come out which the police are looking into. Well, despite many people online debunking Sanders’ claims, Shane himself has talked about it.

Shane Dawson says he is not being investigated by the police

Being investigated by the police authorities on grounds of being a child predator is not something you can take lightly of. Hence, many mainstream drama channels were looking into this matter as well. Keemstar aka DramaAlert was diving deep into this and even asked Shane Dawson directly if the police were investigating him. Shane Dawson states that he is not.

Shane Dawson Text to Keemstar

In the text message exchange, Shane says that his lawyer has confirmed with the LA Sheriff’s Office that there is no open investigation going on.

Keemstar also adds this while tweeting this screenshot:

Shane Dawson just text me in reference to Kennedy Sanders claiming there is a criminal Investigation on Shane. #DramaAlert.
This tweet comes after Keemstar already talked about it in his latest video. So, it appears that Sanders Kennedy was lying about the whole situation.

Will there be a police investigation on Shane Dawson?

People are wondering if Shane Dawson will be investigated. There was just evidence of him making inappropriate jokes revolving around pedophilia. The jokes are not enough to incriminate him. However, the internet has dug up some old videos and clips.

One of which Blaire White shared in her recent video, where Shane Dawson himself admits to mole*sting kids when he was himself a kid. That again doesn’t make him a pedophile. But there was another video circulating on the internet where he an adult Shane Dawson is kissing an underage fan. He was also talking inappropriately with his kid cousin about se*ual intercourse along with his then-girlfriend Lisa Schwartz.

Let’s see if the police actually conduct a proper investigation on Shane Dawson or not. Will Shane’s career downfall be the only consequence of all his old problematic behavior? We will have to wait and find out.

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