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Is Sanders Kennedy lying about Shane Dawson being investigated by the police?

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As of now, Shane Dawson has not broken his social media silence. Nor has he posted any videos on YouTube ever since the internet turned its back on him. Two major scandals are circling around Shane. One involving a joke surrounding Willow Smith, which Jada Pinkett Smith and Jaden Smith are definitely not happy about. Another one is where Tati Westbrook exposed him for attacking James Charles alongside her and Jeffree Star. This has led the internet to speculate a lot. And a lot of drama channels are using this opportunity to spin some rumors. Recently, there was a rumor spun that Shane Dawson is in the hospital. That was debunked. Now, there is another rumor that Shane Dawson is being investigated by the LA Police Department. The YouTuber behind this is Sanders Kennedy, which is popular for being a drama channel.

What does Sanders Kennedy have to say?

In his video titled ‘EXCLUSIVE: LA Sheriff’s Dept. Investigates Shane Dawson; Survivors Urged To Come Forward’, Sanders Kennedy claims that Shane’s behavior is being investigated by the LA PD. Moreover, Sanders claims that he himself is in contact with the police. The LAPD is asking for people to come forward with their stories if they have been abused by Shane Dawson.

Sanders also states that there is some information that he is not sharing with the public. He says that Shane Dawson was talking inappropriately to some underage girls in online chats. Moreover, people are apparently sending Sanders Kennedy with alleged evidence that is worse than Shane’s Blackface videos. Plus, there are even some girls on Twitter that have come out against Shane Dawson, as per Kennedy.

Lastly, Sander Kennedy says he is ‘willing to bet’ that the Sheriff’s Department has seen the online drama happening around Shane. And there is a Sergeant Payne who is handling this investigation. He also says that he’s been exclusively told that an official investigation is going on.

In the video’s comment section, Sanders Kennedy had pinned this comment of his:

1. This was confirmed to me over the phone. 2. This is “Suspicious Circumstance Investigation” meaning since no victims have come forward yet. That’s why they are asking for victims to come forward! 3. They will keep investigating While they wait to hear from victims.

Others are completely denying Sanders’ story and some are bashing him for it

There are some YouTubers on Twitter that are debunking the story that there is an official investigation going on. One by the name of Nicholas DeOrio is stating this:

Nicholas DeOrio

The ‘@woachbofficial’ is another YouTuber, who goes by the name of Without a Crystal Ball. She is trying to help the victims and that is why she shared the phone number. She herself says this:

LAPD Phone Number

However, there are still people who are debunking the story that Sanders Kennedy is in talks with the police of investigating Shane Dawson. A Twitter user named Rookie claims that Sanders Kennedy is lying:

Rookie on Shane Dawson

Moreover, Rookie says that the LAPD is asking people to not trust what Sanders is claiming online:

Rookie Tweet

Randi Savage is another YouTuber who is questioning the authenticity of Sanders Kennedy. She directly questioned him on another drama going on and ended up being blocked by Sanders:


Randi Savage Blocked by Sanders

Sanders blocking Randi is not something that supports Sanders’s authenticity. Another YouTuber Repzilla, had this to say about it:

Talked to Sanders Kennedy about Shane Dawson, still wasn’t able to confirm anything other than what I already know. This does not mean that he lied or not, it means there is no confirmation, but he seems adamant. Hopefully when I talk to the police tomorrow we’ll know more..

Some people stated that Sanders shouldn’t have made a video about it even if it was true

There’s currently a thread going on Reddit which discusses this exact issue. One of the users shared Kennedy’s video and shared their thoughts on it:

…….Sanders you are in DANGEROUS water. Posting a video about someones potential alleged maybe criminal investigation that is in the very beginning stages… If I was Shanes lawyer I would be currently drafting a cease and desist letter for this specific announcement.

A lot of people agreed with this:

Shane Dawson Investigation Thoughts

Many shared this sentiment on the comment section of Sanders’ video about Shane Dawson’s alleged investigation:

I have to be honest. If this is real you have just jeopardise an entire case. If Shane sees this he could destroy evidence or even worse threaten people he thinks would talk and if this isn’t real, you could be in serious trouble. I wouldn’t have uploaded this video. If the police department had come forward with a statement online that would be different but as far as I know they haven’t which means they were trying to keep it under wraps. Furthermore a police officer wouldn’t tell you this information, especially if they themselves haven’t released it to the public yet and if an officer did tell you. They could lose their job over this video. So there are a lot of questions here….
People on Reddit also think that Sanders does not have the right intentions and simply doing it for his own personal gains:

For those saying he can’t destroy evidence, he absolutely can with this heads up (Thanks Sanders). Authorities do not tell people under investigation that they’re under investigation for a while for that exact reason. The only reason Sanders did this was to release an ‘exclusive’. I don’t believe he really cares for justice being served, if he truly did, he would report it to the authorities and be quiet. If there is an active investigation, his video has compromised it. I have a feeling that he probably kept sending the authorities videos to which they responded that they will investigate this. That’s standard. He decided to take control of the narrative and spin it into “they’re opening an investigation”. I just noticed he changed his video title aswell, which makes me think that this rings more true. He needs to sit down.

There’s no logic to what Sanders is saying

One former investigator even claimed that what Sanders was saying was not logical. Something this high-profile and serious would not be handled this way. More people and media companies would know about it and report it. The police won’t just hand this information to a drama channel:
As a former professional newspaper reporter for more than a decade who covered criminal courts and police, your “reporting” doesn’t make sense. No police department would promise an “exclusive” to any one media outlet (or You Tuber) if the department was truly investigating a potential crime and asking for other alleged victims to come forward. This story would be plastered everywhere, and this one isn’t. The police would hold a press conference and WANT to share the fact they are investigating a high-profile figure (Shane Dawson, in this case) and ask for potential victims to come forward to prevent the possibility of more people falling victim to such a predator. You are reaching here, and worse, potentially starting a witch hunt so you can have an exclusive. I am not a Shane stan, but your involvement seems to be crossing a line here. You may not have gone to journalism school, and therefore, don’t consider yourself a journalist, so you are free to fan the flames. Just make sure you don’t get burned while getting your “exclusive.”
It appears that Sanders is lying about the Shane Dawson police investigation as many people have come forward stating otherwise. There are also some professionals pointing out that this is not logical for the police to do.
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