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Do Ghislaine Maxwell & Donald Trump Really Have A Love Child?

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The world has been a weird place ever since Donald Trump got elected President. And on top of that, we saw how despicable the elite could become, especially after Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking ring came to surface. And if you thought that wasn’t weird enough, there’s a Twitter account by the name of James Maxwell Trump claiming to be Ghislaine Maxwell and Trump’s love child! Moreover, he also has a birth certificate to back his claim. How crazier can it get? Let’s try and debunk this rumor.

Is James Maxwell Trump a real person?

Shortly after Maxwell’s arrest, a Twitter profile by the name of “James Maxwell Trump” or @realJimmyTrump showed up. He claims to be the biological son of Donald Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell. Moreover, to prove it, he is showing a birth certificate as well. Take a look:

However, it turns out that this is a hoax. It is not a real birth certificate and is, in fact, an altered certificate of a person named Tara Ann Uzamere, according to Snopes. Furthermore, Tara is in no way related to either Ghislaine Maxwell or Donald Trump in any way. This fraudulent certificate had the same document numbers and even colors as the original and just changed the names.

This was only confirmed because Tara’s birth certificate has been online since August 2019. Other than that, they made a critical mistake in the numbers, as the first three numbers show the area code, and the next two show the year of birth. However, in this fake document, the area code is of Utah and the year of birth is 1973, whereas the person claims to be born in Manhattan in 1992. So, by all means, James Maxwell Trump is not a real person, and certainly not the biological son of Ghislaine Maxwell and Donald Trump.

Other accusations on Donald Trump & Ghislaine Maxwell

Apart from claiming to be their son, James Maxwell Trump made a lot of other accusations too. For instance, he claimed that Ghislaine Maxwell wasn’t his actual mother, but it was some underage girl that Trump got pregnant. He alleges that Maxwell had to register herself as his mother because a 14-year-old mother would ring charges of statutory rape against Trump. So, Maxwell covered for Trump.

Other than that, the profile picture of the account was clearly fake. It seemed like a morphed face of Donald Trump and Mark Zuckerberg. And it’s safe to say, it had no resemblance to Ghislaine Maxwell too. Take a look:

Other than that, the James Maxwell Trump account also tweeted a lot of pictures of Donald Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell together back in the 90s. This, however, does create a lot of suspicions, as the charges against Ghislaine Maxwell were mostly from that time. The British socialite is accused of aiding her then-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein in maintaining his sex-trafficking ring. She played the role of the madam, by grooming and recruiting underage girls for Epstein.

Even though James Maxwell Trump is not a real person, these pictures do shed some light. It shows that Donald Trump clearly knew Ghislaine Maxwell well and that alone raises a lot of doubts. But for now, we can clearly say that Maxwell and Trump do not have a biological son. That is not true at all.

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