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Is Ellen DeGeneres Dead? #RIPEllen Is Going Viral On Twitter!

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So, the #RIPEllen trend is going viral on Twitter! Is Ellen DeGeneres dead? What is going on? Ellen is often trending on social media for all the wrong reasons. Once, she had a huge beef with Dakota Johnson, then people came forward saying she was a horrible person. But, that doesn’t explain why RIP Ellen is trending on Twitter as #RIPEllen. So, let’s take a deep look at its origins and reasons.

What’s the #RIPEllen trend on Twitter?

I assure you, Ellen DeGeneres isn’t dead. And she isn’t going anywhere either. By what we know about this trend, it’s the brainchild of the user @itstby. Of course, finding the origin of such trends is like finding a needle in a haystack. But, this is as close as we can get.

The first tweet said, “THERES CCTV FOOTAGE LEAKED OF ELLEN FALLING OFF HER ROOF?!” After that, she joined had with her friends to start a rumor that “Ellen DeGeneres was dead“. Then, the rumor pretty much spread like wildfire.

At first, people were a bit confused as to what was happening on Twitter. Some were really concerned that had Ellen DeGeneres really died?


It didn’t take long for people to figure out that Ellen DeGeneres wasn’t really dead and that it was just a hoax. However, that did not stop Twitter to realize that they maybe could have some fun with it. So, what they did was that they took any star with even the slightest resemblance with Ellen DeGeneres and tweeted it with the #RIPEllen. Yes, Twitter turned a hoax trend into a meme. That’s how amazing that place is. Here are some gems:



And if you thought Twitter was just using Ellen DeGeneres look likes, think again. They made some really insane memes about Ellen Degeneres dying as well. Look at this exclusive footage of her jumping off the roof:

I’m guilty of laughing my a** off at these memes as well. Twitter can be so ruthless. But, the question is, why is everyone so eager to join in the “Ellen DeGeneres is dead” debate? Because it doesn’t look like they’ll be saying the same for, let’s say, Keanu Reaves.

So, why does Twitter hate Ellen DeGeneres?

It’s a bit astonishing to see such a cruel trend on Twitter about Ellen DeGeneres dying becoming the butt of a joke. But, it may have something to do with a lot of the bad press that Ellen has received in the past few months. That could explain why people were so apathetic to the #RIPEllen trend.

First, she had a very passive-aggressive moment with Dakota Johnson on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Secondly, her former employees have come out and said she isn’t a “nice person” at all. They were not made aware of their pay cuts and didn’t communicate well with them. Some even termed Ellen DeGeneres as mean and evil.

Moreover, NikkieTutorials also came out and gave some shocking details about her meeting with Ellen, where she wasn’t even allowed to use a toilet. And if that wasn’t enough, Ellen DeGeneres was criticized for calling quarantine a jail. That caused a lot of outrage on Twitter, as she was saying that from her multi-million dollar mansion while people were starving and getting evicted in the US. It’s because of these happenings that Ellen DeGeneres dying didn’t gain much sympathy from many quarters of Twitter. Therefore, they did not shy from making a meme out of #RIPEllen, even when it was proven to be a hoax.

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