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Rose McGowan Shares Her Thoughts On Kanye West Running For President

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There’s little doubt that the world was hit by a storm when Kanye West announced that he’ll be running for the President of the US in 2020. I mean, some were expecting it to happen in 2024 because of what the star said, but not this soon. However, that’s how it is, and Rose McGowan shared her thoughts on his bid for the White House.

Rose McGowan hopes Kanye West is a socialist anarchist

Rose McGowan Shares Her Thoughts On Kanye West Running For President
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Usually, other celebrities laughed at the prospect of seeing Kanye West in the White House. But, Rose McGowan took some caution in explaining her feelings. She asked her fans that why do they think Kanye is running for President? Is it for splitting the votes or is he an “anarchist”?

And there were some interesting responses under Rose McGowan’s tweet. Some said he was being used by the system to split votes. Others said that he has a good heart as he is not owned by any party. Moreover, many said that he can’t possibly be an anarchist because he himself is a billionaire. They even laughed it off.

But then, Rose McGowan shared an article on Vulture and said that she hopes he is a “socialist anarchist”. Here’s the tweet:

So, the main question is that what does McGowan mean when she says “socialist” and “anarchist”?

Socialist and anarchist defined

I’m quite sure that because of Bernie Sander’s campaign, many of you are well aware of what being a socialist means. It is not the same as being a liberal, as socialism is a leftist ideology, that requires the state to provide universal healthcare, free education, and ease of access to social justice. The way it wants this to be done is through state funding. That is what Rose McGowan meant by a socialist.

Now, on the other hand, anarchist may seem like a bit distracting term. It’s not the same as chaos. Anarchists, as defined by Noam Chomsky, are the people that question any form of authority over their legitimacy, and act if the authority is not able to prove it. In short, anarchists challenge the establishment and those that hold power and question them of their legitimacy to rule. That is what Rose McGowan means by a socialist anarchist.

And all our eyes now, including McGowan’s herself, are on Kanye West as to what he does after announcing that he is running for the President of the United States. No one can take that as a joke, especially after what happened in 2016.

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