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A Little Trending Moment For Manny Mua After Ages!

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Oh My God! I am super excited about my boo ‘Manny Mua’ for finally earning a spot on YouTube’s Trending List. This guy literally has my heart. And it’s really unfair how a lot of fans say that they are true Manny Lovers but in the end they back out.

But anyway, it’s a shining moment for our Moon Prism Queen. As he asked his best friend Laura Lee to make a mystery box for him. And he made one for her in return. Which had some really awful things like Potta Potty Fragrant Perfume and a wooden box with a spider.

Let’s See What’s in Manny Mua’s Mystery Box

So it’s pretty obvious that Manny’s mystery box is going to be equally messed up like Laura’s. I hope there is no such thing as poop fragrance otherwise I am going to barf. Because that’s what constipated people do when they have a lot of food in their stomach and it’s not coming out of their rear end. So it’s obviously going to come out of their mouth in these kinds of situations, right?

Laura Lee, you naughty girl. You actually made a peepee on Manny’s Mystery Box. So our highlighter queen, Manny, loved the tie and dye hood made by Laura herself. But he equally loved her for sending him a potato puff jar with an artificial anaconda-like thing.

And then there were a few favorite makeup products by Laura which she badly wanted to give Manny. Like Brazillian bum-bum cream, dewy setting spray by Anastasia, Lip mask, and some brow flick and pomade.

There Is More To Manny Mua’s Mystery Box Guys!

Oh, yes. A hand fan, art books with lots of color markers, a berry tones lip color, and shart wipes. Wait, what? I was today years old when I find out that shart wipes actually exist

Let’s see what Manny has to say about shart wipes. Oh, God! I just can’t stop laughing:

Laura: Remember when you (Manny) almost pooped in my car, we needed these shart wipes.

Manny: So I was in Westport once and we were driving and I told Laura pull over now. I am gonna sh*t my pants. I will sh*t all over your car. And she started laughing so f**king hard that she almost like crashed the car. So I am like Laura I am being dead serious…….

I made it to McDonald’s and we don’t need the visual. Things happened and I made it to the bathroom and I didn’t have to sh*t in her Porsche.”

I just imagined Manny losing his sh*t in a Porche. Anyways, we have to give him a lot of credit for being such an honest storyteller.

This Is What You All Need To Hear After The Current Beauty Community Drama

I swear guys, this is the most genuine and beautiful thing a true friend has to say about the other. Lately, we are seeing so much drama on the internet. It literally depresses me and so many people out there.

So here is a little something which can give you hope and confidence to appreciate the bond that you have with your friends. Manny Mua had this to say about his friend Laura Lee.

“I just wanna say this. I love Laura so much. I have been friends with her over the last five years and she is been with me through the thick and thin. And she has never turned her back on me. And I am so lucky to have a friend like her in my life…

I don’t give a —- if you don’t like her. I will defend and stand by my best friend always.”

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