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Frank Sinatra Apparently “Loathed” Donald Trump

And he told him to "go f*ck himself".

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There was a time when Frank Sinatra was pretty much the king of New York. He was the most popular musician in America, before Elvis and The Beatles ever came and conquered the stage. That is why Donald Trump mentioned him in his speech and was planning to include his name among the American heroes he was planning to build a monument for. But, it looks like Sinatra didn’t share the same sentiments for Donald Trump.

Frank Sinatra’s name came up during Trump’s July 3rd Mount Rushmore speech. He announced plans for a National Garden of Heroes, which will be a “vast outdoor park” that will feature statues of founding fathers, civil rights heroes, political figures, and entertainers. One of those to be included was Sinatra. But, Sinatra was not so graceful when he talked about Trump.

Frank Sinatra “loathed” Donald Trump

Frank Sinatra Apparently "Loathed" Donald Trump
Flickr | Wikimedia Commons

After Trump’s announcement of building a monument of Sinatra, Mia Farrow tweeted:

At first, it felt like just an afterthought or satire. But then, one of the replies confirmed Mia Farrow’s assumptions about Frank Sinatra. It was none other than Nancy Sinatra, who wrote that her father “actually did loathe him”:

But, Trump and Sinatra have been at odds with each other before too. It happened before in 2017 too, when Trump wanted to play Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” at his inauguration. However, Nancy then tweeted “Just remember the first line of the song,” which was “And now, the end is near”. However, as lovely as this conversation was, in 1990, Frank Sinatra threw some mean words at Donald Trump too.

He also told Trump to “go f*ck himself”

In 1990, it was reported that Frank Sinatra told Trump to “go f*ck himself” when he made an issue out of Sinatra’s demands. He told him that his price was “a little rich” when Sinatra was set to perform at Trump’s Atlantic City Casino. Once Sinatra heard that he told his manager Elliot Weissman to either convey the message to him or have him call Sinatra so he could do the deed himself. So, I don’t think that leaves any doubt that Nancy Sinatra was telling the truth when she said her father “loathed” Trump.

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