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Taylor Swift fans react to Kanye West’s Presidential run

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This 4th of July, Kanye West did not just celebrate Independence Day. He has taken the “independency” to a whole new level by declaring that he’d be running for President this year. Yes, this year, as in just after 4 months. The 2020 US Presidential elections are already happening at a time when all the American citizens are fighting against coronavirus (COVID-19), and partaking in the Black Lives Matter campaign to end police brutality. While Kanye West’s fans are super excited about the news of him running, some are happy that they can vote for someone other than Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Taylor Swift’s fans are not that happy with the news. In fact, it seems like no Swiftie would be voting for Kanye.

Kanye West announces the Presidential Run

The famous American rapper already has many things going on for him. He is a rapper, of course. He is also the man behind the wide variety of Yeezys at your disposal. Moreover, Kanye West is also the only guy doing all of that, and managing his married life as well. Kim Kardashian West has shown her full support when Kanye West announced his run for the President.


Kanye West has, in fact, triggered an internet-quake with his announcement. Until recently, Kanye was a Trump supporter and many people were not expecting him to stand against the person he supported. The tweet and announcement comes at a time when the deadline of adding independent candidates to the ballot has passed in some States. Will the rest of the states be enough for Kanye to nail this Election? Well, that’s the plan.

Kanye West also has Elon Musk’s support. But what about Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift fans react to the breaking news

They are not happy. They are so unhappy that they want another candidate for the Presidential Run. And this time, they want the announcement from Taylor Swift herself.

They also have a President Taylor Swift picture being used to motivate others and start a Run for Presidential campaign.

And Taylor Swift’s fans are getting pretty creative as well.

Just look at this:

No offense, but this one has us in fits.

Anything can happen at this point.


Summary of the feud:

Kanye West and Taylor Swift feud officially started in 2009. It happened at 2009 VMAs, when Taylor Swift was only 19 years old. She won the award for “Best Female Video” for her song “You Belong With Me”. And during her speech, Kanye West interrupted her speech and said:

Yo, Taylor, I’m really happy for you. I’mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!

Well, are you excited for the Elections 2020? Let us know your thoughts (not the means one, please) in the comments section below.

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