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Want Some More Shows Like This Is Us?

Don't worry, these shows will make you weep like a baby too

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What the American Television desperately falls short on is tales grounded to realities. Political thrillers, murder mysteries, fantasy fables, sitcoms, are all escapism. They only briefly have something to do with the truth, otherwise, they are just rendering entertainment with a myriad of control variables. Only a few shows are genuinely able to make you weep, feel sad or at least make you realize. If your mind instantly recalled ‘This Is Us’ then I can’t really blame you. After all, it is one of the only shows that warrants emotions, kindles authentic feelings and makes us aware of the inevitable cycles of loss and fortitude.

This Is Us was a distinctive presentation on TV, but it was not something out of the world. In fact, it became a show that drew its flair from the dearth of optimism in these cynical times. Thankfully, the vision of this show mused on by other producers. Essentially for monetary benefits, yet still somewhere due to the fact that they themselves where inspirited by the earnest vehemence.  Circumventing round genre stereotypes, This Is Us was able to unleash the true potential of a drama. And, it was its success that has inspired the advent of similar shows like A Million Little Things and God Friended Me.

God Friended Me

Things take a bizarre turn when Miles Finer (Michael Hall), who podcasts about atheism, gets a Facebook friend request straight from the heavens. God sends Miles a friend request. To investigate who is trolling him on social media, Miles join forces his friend Rakesh (Suraj Sharma), and Cara (Violett Beane), a journalist. Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt, veterans behind Goliath and Hawaii Five-O, have ingeniously crafted the show without letting it become uncannily surreal. Things are vastly rational, and they bring the great use of the human curiosity ‘ Someone has to be behind all this’.

God Friended me is a show full of surprises, a show that acutely explains how there can be no disbelief if there isn’t a belief. The show is procedural; things join like dots like those in paper games for children.  Taking a comic tone, the CBS comedy greatly takes cues from This Is Us. Miles camaraderie with his dad is much similar to Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) conservations with his deceased father. The show which also has shades of ‘Touched by an Angel’ is predominantly monotheist. The idea of a central great design keeping everyone connected for celestial reasons is palpable in the story, and after watching the show around us too.

A Million Little Things

The only complaint we have with the ABC descendant of This Is Us, ‘A Million Little Things’ is that the characters do not come out of the screen to hand us a tissue after they have made us weep like babies. Jon Dixon (Rob Livingston) is on a business call when he steps onto the balcony off his personal office and falls to his death.  Apart from his wife Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) and their two children (Lizzy Greene and Danny Dixon), he also leaves behind his three best friends, Eddie (David Giuntoli of Grimm fame), Rome (Romany Malco), and Gary (James Roday). Everyone is driven into bewilderment upon the suicide of such an emotionally stable fellow.

DJ Nash penned down this series after unexpectedly losing a friend with whom he had just made plans for lunch. His pal too had committed suicide. But, still, there is an undeniable resemblance to This Is Us, from the guitar strings to the friends who are no less than family, to the idea that we are not living authentically, the show gives off the same sensations. But the similar arcs still do not hinder the show from delivering its effect. The resonance and warmth are sheer.

God Friended Me, This Is Us, and A Million Little Things are all different shows. But they largely come along for a unanimous purpose- to make us realize what life really is, and how valuable it really is.

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