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Tana Mongeau says she’ll address Shane Dawson drama after Keemstar calls her out

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Tana Mongeau was one of the biggest fans of Shane Dawson. She went from being a fan to someone who became a big YouTuber herself. Not only that but when her career took a major hit during Tanacon, her own version of VidCon that massively failed. That was when Shane came to her help and many say he rescued her career. He did a docuseries on Tanacon and shed a light on why the event failed when it did. Hence, Tana always credits her career revival to Shane and called him one of her biggest inspirations. Though now, Shane Dawson has been dethroned from his King of YouTube image with everyone adoring him.

The whole internet turns its back on Shane Dawson after Tati Westbrook drama and his old problematic content

Shane Dawson’s old content where he is performing in blackface has emerged. In most of his old videos and old podcast, he’s generally making a lot of racist and pedophilic jokes. Even though he apologized for it recently, one major controversy that made everyone lose their faith in him was the Willow Smith video. He is pretending to jokingly masturb*te to a poster of Will Smith’s then eleven-year-old daughter. This earned him the wrath of Jada Pinkett Smith, Jaden Smith, and even Shane’s close friend Blaire White. A lot of fans are hurt and angry.

Then another controversy was happening around Shane Dawson involving Jeffree Star, James Charles, and Tati Westbrook. Now, Tati is confirming what Kameron Lester and Ashlye Kylie were saying about Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson orchestrating an attack on James last year when Tati canceled James.

Tanacon completely ended Tana’s career but Shane saved it

Almost two years ago, Tana had a falling out with VidCon creators. Due to which she started her own Tanacon event which turned out to fail massively. Fans waited in lines and did not get what they were promised. Many of them got sick and sunburned while waiting. So, a lot of people attacked Tana Mongeau for her failing her fans and failing the event.

That was when Shane Dawson did a docuseries on her to try and find out what happened. That somewhat helped in reviving Tana’s image and some people changed their minds after the Tanacon fiasco.

Keemstar calls Tana Mongeau out for not being a good friend

DramaAlert, Keemstar, was quick to point out how silent Tana was being while her friend Shane Dawson underwent a lot of drama all at once:

I must say  @tanamongeau I find it kinda f*cked up that  @shanedawson literally saved your career from ending and your not publicly supporting him. Clearly nobody can support these old videos from Shane, he’s clearly wrong. But you can still support him as a person.

To which Tana Mongeau reveals that she does plan to address it but she thinks other issues take precedence over YouTube drama:

i want to make a video answering everything i’m being tweeted i just am incredibly torn by the thought of being a part of a bigger problem of diverting people’s focus to youtube drama versus the bigger issues at hand going on in the world & how we can help… idk.

Tana Mongeau is being vocal about the Black Lives Matter movement but fans are still not happy

A lot is happening right now and one of the major movements is the Black Lives Matter movement to end police brutality against African Americans. To show her immense support for the BLM cause, Tana has even changed her Twitter handle to ‘Black Lives Matter’:

Tana Twitter Handle

She also said that she is trying to change for the better:

i refuse to be as ignorant as i’ve been in the past for life. i will take that & make it all the more reason to fight to educate others now. i know who i am inside & i know where my morals lie. i am forever sorry for things i’ve said in the past- but know i am not that person now.
A Black follower also replied that just changing the Twitter handle isn’t enough, she needs to make proper change. To which, Tana Mongeau agreed with:
Tana Mongeau Black Follower
Another Black Music Artist Kahlen Barry called Tana out for her tweet addressing the Shane Dawson drama. When Tana said other issues were more important right now, Kahlen said that Tana isn’t making the necessary actions to actually fix her old mistakes:
Kahlen Barry Tana Mongeau Twitter

Kahlen tweeted this out on July 2nd, 2020. And a few days prior, Tana Mongeau apologized to Kahlen on her past racist behavior:

first, I’d like to apologize to Kahlen directly for my silence, there are no excuses, I should have talked and listened to you. instead, I’ve been trying to find the words to address this and apologize in a way that that won’t further hurt anyone, and educate myself on how to handle this properly. i am so sorry that came with any silence. but i am taking responsibility for all of my actions in the past, i know i am an adult. there are no excuses for my behavior, and i know that. i have done my BEST to educate myself, and grow as a person from who i was in the past. i want to be the best version of myself who continues to grow. but i know that just educating myself isn’t enough to truly grow, and i need to take accountability for my past actions, and address them in order to truly grow. i am sorry for staying silent.
Though, many are still not on Tana Mongeau’s side as they say her actions are not coinciding with what she is saying.
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