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Nick Snider confirms Shane Dawson is not in the hospital

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Everyone on the internet was worrying that Shane Dawson had something serious happen to him. After Tati Westbrook made an expose video on him and Jeffree Star, he had visibly freaked out on his social media. In one of the Instagram Stories, Shane displayed signs of a panic attack. Then there was this internet rumors that Shane was rushed to the hospital. It was started by a YouTuber named Michael that used a very clickbaity article.

Nick Snider confirms that Shane Dawson is not in the hospital

A prominent YouTuber, Nick Snider, reveals that he has personally talked to Shane Dawson. Nick shares that he can confirm that Shane is not in the hospital and he is physically okay:


Beneath Nick Snider’s tweet, people were sharing their thoughts that anyone starting this rumor was something wrong:

People are doing too much. This situation is dramatic and sad enough without spreading lies and having people unnecessarily worried. I’m glad it isn’t true. None of this is worth losing a life. I can’t wish that sort of thing in anyone.
Another fan thanked Nick for confirming that Shane Dawson is not in the hospital:
Thank you for at least getting the truth on the rumor. That’s something I’ve been terrified to have come across my TL through all of this.
Moreover, tther people commented saying this is an example of cancel culture going too far:

Some fans also seem to think that Shane Dawson is suffering substantially. Shane’s career took a direct hit. Morphe and other brands removed his makeup palettes. Moreover, YouTube demonetized all his channels and Target pulls Shane’s books.

Jeffree Star has meanwhile broken his YouTube silence and we can see him purchasing a purple car from another YouTuber named TheStradman. Many fans are calling him out for being an awful friend for letting Shane take all the heat as he goes out on a shopping trip:


Some were saying that Shane Dawson brought it on himself by associating with Jeffree Star:

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