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Jeffree Star returns to YouTube amid Shane Dawson-Tati scandal

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Many fans and other internet users have been desperately waiting for Jeffree Star to make an appearance. They have been keeping a close eye on his social media handles as well as his YouTube channel. However, Jeffree Star was totally MIA after posting about his grandma’s birthday. The picture he used on that post created another controversy since Internet Sherlocks were quick to figure out that it was an old photo, not a recent one. Jeffree was not posting anything after that post. But, surprisingly, he has made an appearance on YouTube and Instagram amid the whole Shane Dawson-Tati Westbrook scandal. And it’s not what we all were expecting.

Jeffree Star seen partying with his team

Jeffree Star has not posted anything on his Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or YouTube yet. However, he has not stopped his team members from doing the same. Or, let’s assume that even if he did stop them for some time, they are free to upload Instagram stories of him now.

Here are some of the shots of Instagram stories posted by Jeffree Star’s makeup artist Juan Alan Tamez, and his Executive Assistant Madison Taylor.

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star Fans

Madison Taylor and Juan Alan Tamez were riding together in one car. Whereas, Jeffree Star’s car could be seen following them in the IG stories posted by them. That’s Jeffree for sure, since it was his pink car following the bright pink car with his team in it.

Moreover, Juan also posted a picture of Jeffree posing with his fans in front of his car. Well, we are glad to see him socializing. But where’s the mask?

…and What is he up to?

While Shane Dawson’s career is going downhill these days, Jeffree Star has not supported his close friend publicly yet. Shane’s books and the Conspiracy Collection have been taken down by the sellers. Is Jeffree also taking a break for his mental health?

Currently, it seems like Jeffree Star is more focused on retail therapy these days. He recently bought a Toyota Supra Widebody from a YouTuber called TheStradman. We’ll skip the details of the car. You can see all about the purple-colored beauty here.

If anyone is confused about when that video was shot, Jeffree Star, Juan Alan Tamez, and Madison Taylor are wearing the same clothes they were seen wearing in the IG stories shared yesterday. Jeffree Star was at his own house, also called the Pomeranian Palace.

Jeffree Star New Car

Well, turns out Jeffree was not in any of those pink cars. He was test-driving his newest car, the purple Supra, followed by the pink cars.


After seeing Jeffree Star’s latest car, many fans are hoping he’d drop a new video or an update soon as well. Will he address all the latest scandals? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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