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Is Shane Dawson in the hospital after Tati Westbrook drama?

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The beauty community and YouTube community as a whole are under a lot of fire these days. This is owing largely to four major contenders: Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson, Tati Westbrook, and James Charles. Ultimately, it has led to an internet rumor that Shane Dawson is in the hospital. Is there any truth to this rumor?

Recap on the Drammageddon happening on YouTube

Now, last year, James Charles was canceled by Tati, which Shane and Jeffree, directly and indirectly, supported back then. There were allegations that Shane and Jeffree orchestrated the whole thing. Jeffree was silent on the whole drama, but Shane Dawson has been actively denying it. Not only that, but he’s also having to apologize for his past problematic behavior. Old troubling content of Shane has emerged, one of which includes a pedophilic and disturbing joke aimed at Willow Smith. When Tati Westbrook posted a video talking confirming that Shane and Jeffree manipulated her against James, Shane reacted to it and denied everything. On a very short Instagram Live, Shane had what fans are believing to be a panic attack:

This led to the rumors that he is currently in the hospital which has led to some fans worrying about the YouTuber’s health:

Is there any truth to the story?

One YouTuber by the name of Michael Julian Rose posted a video saying that he found from multiple sources that Shane Dawson is in the hospital in L.A. And that he is under observation. Moreover, nothing is officially confirmed but Michael is hoping that this is just a rumor and nothing serious happened such as a suicide attempt or self-harm.

A lot of people commented on sharing these thoughts:

Oh man. Listen, I think he should be in therapy, but I honestly and truly do not want him to physically hurt himself. I know that people have their opinions about dealing with child mol*sters, and alleged child jokesters but I really don’t want him to die. He could be terrified he’s going to be charged and sent to prison.
Another one pointed out Shane Dawson’s self-harm history:
Shane needs prayers. He has been documented in the past with self harming. He has battled with mental illness for the better portion of his life. For anyone questioning it hasnt hit media outlets because money can hold anyone off and friends in high places can hold anyone off. He has had his whole life destroyed in a matter of days and watched everything he worked his a*s for career wise go up in flames. Reguardless what he has done in the eye of the public or in his private life, no one can sit here and say that he didnt bust his a*s off through mental illness to get where he was professionally and to fail and have all of that taken from you. No one on the f*cking planet deserves to badgered while trying to pick up whats left of their life. With that said what he did was wrong. He lost everything because of his past mistakes. I think he has had enough and knows well enough and deserves privacy to piece his life back together. Everyone should pray for his well being because he is a human being and deserves the right breathe and live. This nightmare is far from over we all know this. But from one human being to another. He is someones loved one.
Shane Dawson may be suffering from a panic attack after his career was severely affected following his YouTube controversies. Up till now, his books have been removed by Target. Morphe has removed his and Jeffree’s makeup Conspiracy and Controversy palettes. YouTube has also demonetized all three of his channels.

Some people were pointing out the fact that Jeffree Star still hasn’t broken his social media silence even while knowing that Shane might be in the hospital:


The internet says it is just a rumor

There are many people who are debunking the rumor that Shane Dawson is in the hospital:


There are apparently some who have reached out personally to Shane Dawson and gotten a response:

Shane is Fine

There is no way to confirm whether this is true or false but the majority of the internet is hoping that the YouTuber Shane Dawson has not physically harmed themselves. Despite not agreeing with Shane’s actions, it’s unanimously agreed that wishing death upon someone is extreme:

As of now, there is no official announcement made from either Shane Dawson or any of his family and friends. One commenter on the Shane Dawson going to hospital video called out Michael for posting a clickbaity title:

As a retired EMT I am disgusted that you used the clickbait (live footage) in your title. You have no idea what it is like for first responders to have to deal with the public putting out wrong information. This information is something that should (if there is any) come from the family it is not tea.

There’s been an update by Nick Snider who confirms Shane is not in the hospital.

If you or someone you know is going through anxiety, distress, depression or thoughts of harming yourself, please call National Suicide Prevention Helpline.
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