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Gabbie Hanna believes she might get killed

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It seems that the month of June was not a good one for the YouTube Community. Most YouTubers spent their month apologizing and covering their mistakes made in the past. Meanwhile, it seems that YouTubers like Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson are getting their Karma. Well, one of these YouTubers has had an exceptional amount of drama in the past month. Gabbie Hanna, the singer, YouTuber, Viner, and Influencer had a rough month with all her Twitter Drama. It seemed like she was going to add to the list of YouTubers canceled this year. However, what really happened is that Gabbie had her messy days on the internet and one morning, she woke up over it all. Well, at least that how it went when after days of continuous tweets, live streams, and whatnot, she’s back to her fitness routine.

Gabbie Hanna says she might die and it will not be an accident.

So, in her tweet, it seems that Gabbie Hanna might be receiving a bunch of hate mail or threats. When her week of everyday drama started, she mentioned on Twitter that the one-sided narratives about her cause death threats to get to her. It is surreal how fans of these YouTubers get so involved in their lives that they go to such lengths for them. Whatever the cause, it just does not sound right to threaten someone’s life. Fame can turn out to be extremely toxic.

However, most followers speculate that this just might be more of Gabbie Hanna Paranoia. Well, the paranoia would be justified if the threats are as scary as she makes them sound. Meanwhile, we hope Gabbie stays indoors and stays safe as there is nothing worth more than life. So, what do you think about this claim by the YouTuber? Drop your opinion in the comments below.

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