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Glee Used Dummies: TikTok User Exposes How The Show

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How would you feel if you see that a television show is using dummies instead of actual seat filler extras to cover its scenes? Apparently this is what Glee was doing and a random TikTok user exposed them it the best of ways. It has been eight years since Glee wrapped their comedy-drama show. One of its fans noticed something that no one could have figured as it was such a small time frame. The “gone in the blink of an eye” scene was of an auditorium audience sitting. There, this TikTok user noticed that glee used dummies to fill up the seats instead of extras.

Glee Used Dummies In The Crowd

The TikTok video contained scenes of Glee using dummies in an auditorium scene. The TikTok users confirmed that she could see them. Kelly Sipos, the user, amassed more than 517,800 views in just under a week as the post went viral. She later said that she felt like she was in some house of wax.



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The very brief clip was taken from the fourth season, and Sipos pointed out that the audience was blended with both the seat fillers and the obvious looking dummies. Not only that but, to everyone’s surprise, they were also positioned in a very unusual and unnatural pose as well.

The TikTok video is from a recording of an episode titled Thanksgiving. It follows the former New Direction members Quinn Fabray, Santana Lopez, Mercedes Jones, Mike Chang, and Puck as they went back to Willian McKinley High School to help the new glee club.

Lea Michele rose to prominence on Glee as Rachel Berry between 2009 and 2015 and has received a considerable amount of backlash over her on-set behavior. It alleged that she racially discriminated individuals and indulged in other forms of unprovoked cruelty.

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