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Brad Pitt Was Inside Angelina Jolie’s House Weeks Before Twins’ Birthday

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The Brangelina couple was surely one of the favorites of its time, right till its end. Although there are fans who would still want Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to go back to what once things were, it doesn’t seem like happening any time soon. Or does it? Apparently, though they live only ten minutes away in Los Angeles, Brad Pitt was seen leaving Angelina Jolie’s house on a motorcycle on June 23. This is interesting because it is highly unusual for the two to meet face to face without lawyers. Moreover, the two are meeting in Angelina Jolie’s house, which she bought for $25 million after their split.

Was Brad Pitt Meeting Angelina Jolie For The Twins?

Is it possible that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are meeting to set up birthdays for their 12-year-olds Knox and Vivienne on July 12? It seems like the former couple might be planning an upcoming birthday celebration for their twin children. However, couldn’t these arrangements take place over phone or email or even video call?

According to what Daily Mail wrote, Bradd Pit spent around two hours in Angelina Jolie’s house before leaving on a motorcycle. Moreover, the two had already celebrated separated birthday events for daughter Shiloh when she turned 14 back in May. Wasn’t the same possible for Knox and Vivienne?

Brad Pitt’s sighting in Angelina Jolie’s premises is now the closest they have been photographed near each other’s residence since their split. Some would say that he may be dropping one of the kids. However, the fact that he was on a bike clearly means that was not the case. The children have been splitting their time between their two parents’ houses since both of them live so close to each other. Unfortunately, since the pandemic lockdown, these trips have become shorter for safety purposes.

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