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Why Netflix has different content in different countries

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Netflix has weird algorithms. That’s one thing we’ve established over the years that the streaming service has been around. In addition to their complex understanding of how the production of their shows works, there are a few other things about the platform we do not understand. The platform offers shows from around the world in your devices for a general price in different currencies. Although, fans are often found wondering what the deal is with the service’s watch lists. So, Netflix does not actually offer the same content all around the world. And while viewers often wonder how that works, we have got your answer.

Why does Netflix offer different content in different areas?

So, as everyone knows, every production around the world has immense costs. Movies made in any entertainment industry around the world have certain costs and expenditures. So, when it comes to offering streaming platforms their content, these companies tend to take out their money’s worth. Every production, depending on its success around the world, sets their prices on these services differently. So, Netflix buys the rights to these movies or seasons or documentaries based on their own rates.

With this, comes the decision of what to offer and where. So, often if not always, they set the shows to be available in areas that they are more relevant to. This way, they are able to manage their costs rather efficiently. Hence, not all the content gets all around the world. They pick and choose according to preferences. Or sometimes when Netflix has to pay lesser costs in certain areas, they leave shows up in those areas. There are several Indian shows that are limited to Asia. Several shows are only available in European countries.

However, one exception to these would be their Originals. The general idea is that Netflix originals are available throughout the world on the streaming service.

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