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Chris O’Dowd Thought Gal Gadot’s Imagine Cover Was For Kids

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A few months ago, Gal Gadot and a bunch of other high-profile artists released a cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine”. However, it was ripped into shreds by social media. Since then, the artists who featured in the cover have repeatedly tried to defend either the cover or themselves. This time it’s Chris O’Dowd, who claims that he initially thought the cover was for kids. The Bridesmaids and IT Crowd star also admitted that the brunt of the criticism was largely justified.

Chris O’Dowd thought the “Imagine” cover was for kids

O’Dowd recently appeared as a guest on Louis Theroux’s podcast called Grounded. As expected, the infamous “Imagine” cover was brought up. Now, Theroux brought up the video sugar coating the criticism it received, as he said that:

It was proving divisive on the internet. There were people who didn’t like it!

But then, Chris O’Dowd admitted that he only did the video on Kristen Wiig’s request, who starred alongside Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman:

I’ll do anything Kristen (Wiig) asks me to do, so of course we just did it. It took five minutes. I didn’t think about it.

And then, O’Dowd admitted that he initially thought the video was for children, as Gal Gadot was a UNICEF ambassador:

I presumed it was for kids or … I know that Gal (Gadot) works for UNICEF, so I presumed it was a charity thing.

Imagine, if that cover was for children. That might have been crueler. Even Theourox said that:

Which would have been even more cruel, by the way. To make children listen to it. I think there are laws against that.

Finally, Chris O’Dowd admitted that they didn’t really think a lot about it. And just had a moment of “creative diarrhea”:

We were in that first wave of creative diarrhea. In case, the entire world, particularly momentarily. It was just a bunch of people running around thinking that they had to do something when we really didn’t. We just needed to chill out and take everything in. So I think that any backlash was fairly justified.

It’s good that Chris O’Dowd did not shy away from accepting the blame. That “Imagine” cover will go down in history as some of the most cringe decision celebrities ever made.

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