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Dr. Disrespect’s Twitch Ban Is Unrelated With Brime Streaming Media

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Streamer Dr. Disrespect has caught much of the news spotlight in the world of gaming and streaming thanks to Twitch. However, it has followed a controversy regarding Brime, a ‘latest’ streaming media service. Whether or not this website is the cause of the widely-popular unknown ban of Dr. Disrespect or not is of high discussion. However, there is reason to believe that the streaming media might just be more of a consequence rather than a cause. Let’s discuss it!

Was Dr. Disrespect Banned From Twitch Because of Brime?

Let’s see the summary:

  • It appears that Twitch has banned Dr. Disrespect permanently as sources tell that even his subs were given refunds. Without citing any reason, even Guy Beahm claims he doesn’t know ‘specifically’.
  • Earlier, Microsoft’s Mixer shut down, releasing Ninja and Shroud from their contract. even though sources say they will return to Twitch, it’s not confirmed yet.
  • A 4Chan post claimed that Ninja, Shroud, and Doc were collaborating to launch their own streaming platform, backed by Spotify. Twitch found out and banned Dr. Disrespect.
  • Keemstar elevated this theory by publicly posting alleged evidence. It also said that Brime will be answering questions on Monday, June 29th.


The Brime controversy became so famous that 70,000 people followed the Brime Twitter account in a matter of days. And when they started answering questions, this is how things went:

Brime Question & Answers

About who is joining Brime (possibly in Dr. Disrespect from Twitch?):

“While we want to share this, we cant. We have talked to streamers of other platforms that show interest and maybe moving into the platform on their own terms/when agreements are made.”

About what the streaming media is:

“It’s [Brime] a codename based on the history of 2 names that were once a streaming site.”

About how many people are working:


About if this is a prank led by a kid:

“Not actually, I’m a 33 year old male. I am just being careful with what I share. @majorrespect if your curious.”

The Conclusion

Brime is neither a 4Chan troll nor a project due to which Twitch banned Dr. Disrespect. This is not the secretive Spotify project as well as not the streaming media by Shroud and Ninja. In fact, it seems like Brime is a project by a few guys who wanted to create a streaming platform. However, without proper technical support and finances, they tried to spin things around for themselves by bringing out their name and attaching it with Dr. Disrespect. They basically gained 70k followers instantly and surfed free press coverage as well.

Streaming platforms are multimillion-dollar projects, that is why only the biggest corporations of the world are doing it. To think that 4 people sitting on their computers can start a gig of connecting people with an audience is something right off from Silicon Valley, and that is it.

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