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Love is Blind Mark Cuevas cheated on Co-star LC

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Love is Blind was full of couples who had their ups and downs. Well, that is stating the obvious as only two made it out of the show. However, Mark Cuevas was one participant who the entire fan base rooted for. His rocky relationship with Jessica Batten made viewers sympathize with him throughout the show. Well, the whole internet burst in hate for Jessica when she left him hanging at the altar. The entire world sees him as someone who is loyal to the end and would do everything for love. Well, that image is just about to shatter. How you may ask? Mark Cuevas was just caught cheating on fellow Love is Blind contestant, LC.

Mark Cuevas love interest LC finds out he is cheating on her on Reddit.

So this Reddit user posted from her account in the Love Is Blind sub saying,

Reddit User Exposes Mark Cuevas To LC

The user (who has since deleted their account) goes on to give more context,

Alittle more info: my friend is a waitress in downtown Cleveland and her co-worker went on vacation in Atlanta and happened to meet Mark in a bar. They hit it off and have been splitting time between Atlanta and Cleveland seeing each other.

Meanwhile, Mark Cuevas is silent, LC, his supposed love interest, is the first to find the post. Following that, she ends her unlabelled relationship with him.

Love is blind star ends it with Mark Cuevas

Well… that was, quick. Lauren Chamblin explains why she actually believes that.

I was SUPER clear from the first time we hung out that I wasn’t looking for a hookup and he assured me he’s ‘not that kind of guy’ and was ‘only interested in me’ and would say things like ‘What are you so afraid of with me? I’m not going anywhere, LC. That’s not who I am.’

Mark Cuevas took a trip to Cleveland and when LC confronted him, he was less than open about it.

He asked me how I was feeling about him and he sat there and smiled as I went on about how I thought he was the sweetest guy I’ve ever been with and how lucky I was, KNOWING he was just with this girl probably less than 24 hrs prior.  ‘That day I asked him straight up (again) if he was seeing other people still and he laughed and said “LC, really? No, I’m only interested in you. When would I even have time to date other people? I’m always with you!” ….guess he found time.

Wow. We do hope to hear from Mark Cuevas’s side of the story with the whole LC situation.

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