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What Could Have Prevented The Beatles Breakup?

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The Beatles breakup has to be the most discussed breakup in the entire music industry. Even after 50 years, fans still debate and argue about what caused the fab four to go their separate ways. But, that raises another question – what could have kept the Beatles together?

What would have kept the Beatles together?

What Could Have Prevented The Beatles Breakup?
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Before diving into that, we first have to see what caused the Beatles to break up in the first place. We discussed that before, so if you want to jog your memory, give it a little read. So, here are the steps that could have prevented the Beatles breakup:

1. The Beatles should have been a professional band

As mentioned before, the Beatles never really treated the band like a proper workplace. Usually, you have set rules at work as to how things will proceed. But, the Beatles were never able to make a professional band out of themselves. They did not sit down and set criteria for the number of songs each member would get in every album. And this contributed a lot to the Beatles breakup.

This was because this setup allowed Paul McCartney and John Lennon to dominate the songwriting too much. As a result, it created a lot of discontent between them and George Harrison and Ringo Star. Even Lennon and McCartney were done with each other, as by the end the two weren’t willing to share credits for the songs they individually made. And so, that brings us to our second point.

2. George Harrison deserved a greater voice in the band

There is no doubt that George Harrison deserved a much bigger say in the band. Paul McCartney admitted once that he underestimated George because he blossomed as a songwriter quite late. But, the truth is that the band should never have gotten to that point in the first place. Songwriting should have been more democratic.

Plus, Paul and John often sidelined many of the amazing songs that George brought into their attention. A lot of them were released after the Beatles breakup, in George’s solo album. In addition to that, he wasn’t given an equal say either. So much so that one time he even felt that Yoko had more of a say than him. As a result, George had a lot of resentment against Paul and John, which made the band quite toxic. And that contributed a lot towards the breakup of the Beatles.

3. If Brian Epstein hadn’t died

There’s no doubt that calling Brian the 5th Beatle is an understatement. He was the glue that kept the fab four together. But, his untimely death exposed the Beatles to the perils of the business side of the industry way too soon. And we saw that internal problems rose among the fab four after Epstein’s passing. Plus, they never really replaced Epstein properly either. And we all know how their misadventures went when they appointed Allen Klein.

Therefore, if Brian Epstein hadn’t died, or if he was replaced appropriately, the Beatles might never have broken up.

However, we cannot change the past. And considering how toxic it had become to keep the band together, the breakup of the Beatles was inevitable and necessary. Without it, the fab four would not have had the chance to grow as musicians.


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