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Alison Brie Regrets Voicing Diane Nguyen on Bojack Horseman

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Since few weeks, conversations about rights and opportunities for people of color have been taking place in Hollywood. Therefore, many celebrities are repenting their past mistakes. Similarly, Alison Brie have expressed her regret at voicing Diane Nguyen on Bojack Horseman.

Although Bojack Horseman is an animated series, the characters resonate with people.

This adult animated series is a creation of Raphael Bob-Waksberg. Interestingly, the mixture of humans and animals works perfectly. The story of Bojack Horseman revolves around a washed-up star who wants to make a comeback with a tell-all biography. However, like all the other relations in his life, he messes up his relationship with the ghostwriter as well. Apart from them, the show has many complex yet interesting characters. Mostly, people have applauded the show for its realistic take on many serious issues like depression, racism, trauma, addiction, and sexuality. The voice actors include Alison Brie, Will Arnett, Aaron Paul, Amy Sedaris, and Paul F. Tompkins. After six successful seasons, Bojack Horseman came to an end in January this year.

Recently, Alison Brie admitted feeling regret for voicing Vietnamese-American character.

Since the first season, Diane Nguyen has been an essential part of Bojack Horseman. People loved how sensitive, smart, and well-reasoned the character was. However, she was also portrayed as a Vietnamese-American. Meanwhile, Alison Brie, a white actress, voiced her. Recently, Alison Brie expressed remorse over voicing a character of color. In an Instagram post, she wrote:

“In hindsight, I wish that I didn’t voice the character of Diane Nguyen. I now understand that people of color should always voice people of color. We missed a great opportunity to represent the Vietnamese-American community accurately and respectfully. For that I am truly sorry. I applaud all those who stepped away from their voice-over roles in recent days. I have learned a lot from them.”

Despite that, there is no denying that she did a marvelous job with the character. Indeed, Diane Nguyen will be remembered for a long time.

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