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James Charles Responds to Shane Dawson Apology in Unexpected Way?

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The way Shane Dawson’s career is taking a hit currently is very similar to how James Charles’ career took a hit almost a year ago. Although James did clear out his name and revived his career, many are thinking Shane won’t get the same result. At the time of James Vs. Tati drama, Shane took Tati’s side. People are now connecting the dots and thinking Shane and Jeffree Star orchestrated the whole thing. Shane denied these accusations, but still apologized to James Charles for not handling the situation well. And James Charles has indirectly responded to his apology.

The James Charles Shane Dawson history

James Charles, Jeffree Star, and Shane Dawson all were good friends with one another in the beauty community. Tati Westbrook was an old friend of James Charles and she was hurt when James sided with her competitor’s company instead of hers. This triggered her into making a video ‘Bye Sister’ where she exposed not only this incident but also of James manipulating straight men into doing sexual acts with him. This led to the whole internet canceling James Charles. Shane Dawson at the time was really close with Jeffree Star and was making makeup palettes with him and filming a docuseries. Jeffree openly sided with Tati and called out James for his ‘predatory behavior’. Shane Dawson only showed support for Tati, which implied that he was not taking James Charles’s side.

Though, James did end up clearing his name and clarifying that he didn’t abuse his power to coerce straight men into doing sexual acts with him. Moreover, he also cleared out other instances where Tati Westbrook called him out.

Months later, people such as Kameron Lester and Ashlye Kylie are coming out and showing a bunch of evidence that proves Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star planned the whole attack on James Charles. Shane recently made a video where he apologized for all the problematic things he has said and done in the past such as Blackface and pedophilia jokes. He also apologized to James Charles and stated that no one deserves what he went through. Shane denied his participation throughout.

Shane Dawson’s old Willow Smith video has gotten an angry response from Jada Pinkett Smith and Jaden Smith

Almost a day after Shane Dawson made the apology video, the YouTuber was caught in another major drama. An old video resurfaced on the internet where he is pretending to ‘m*sturb*te’ to a poster of an eleven-year-old Willow Smith. This prompted Willow Smith’s family, Jada Pinkett Smith and Jaden Smith to call out Shane Dawson publicly.


James Charles is liking Jada and Jaden’s tweets

Almost everyone is agreeing with Jada Pinkett Smith and Jaden Smith. One of them is Shane Dawson’s former friend, James Charles:

James Charles Like Jada Pinkett Smith Jaden Smith

James has not publicly responded to Shane Dawson’s apology video on either YouTube or social media. But him liking Jada and Jaden’s tweets can be an implication as to what his response is.

He may not be ready to forgive Shane Dawson for all the hideous things he has done to him. But it’s clear that James Charles thinks this act of Shane Dawson is inexcusable. Hence, he is supporting the Smith family for calling out Shane.

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