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Lele Pons Is Not A Fan of Loving Your True Self?!

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Women around the world, over centuries, have worked hard to get out of the prim and perfect body image. Throwback to a time when less than perfect features were reason enough for a woman to be outcast. In today’s world, we have come a long way from that. No more do stick-thin waists and full hips with doe eyes and full lips define ‘lovable’. Women across the world have redefined their bodies to suit their likings. And most of the world accepts and loves women of all looks and shapes. However, it’s not always like that. For example, for Lele Pons’s birthday, a plastic surgeon, Dr. Kassir, shares her shocking transformation.


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Lele Pons went through drastic plastic surgery when she was 18!

The former Vine star and current YouTuber, went for what’s called a Rhinoplasty with she was eighteen. Looking at the pictures, she changed practically every single one of her facial features. From her eyelids to her chin, the woman transformed her entire face. The surgeon posts on his Instagram for her birthday wishing her. He says he is proud of how far she has actually come. It seems that the Lele Pons we know and love today is just a ‘perfect’ version of the real Eleonora Pons Maronese. Gone is the girl with braces and replacing her with the YouTuber we know today. And from her comment, it seems that she is happy as can be with this change.

Lele Pons Plastic Surgery

Literally the best decision I ever made! You make miracles happen!! Love you

The post has left fans stunned at the 24-year-old’s change. Although we do find ourselves wondering whether it was peer pressure that made Lele Pons want such a change. Peers can be cruel at 18. We hope there isn’t a sad story behind the transformation. But, Lele Pons seems to enjoy the change so, more power to her!

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