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Dr. Disrespect Banned: Here Is What We Know So Far

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It has come to us a shock and surprise, everything is so much under wraps that the few people who do know what happened are not speaking out as well. Dr. Disrespect, AKA Guy Beahm, is banned from Twitch and it is high speculation that this is a permanent ban. There are no specific reasons cited and no one over the Internet knows what happened either. Twitch, one of the top streaming media issued a very generic statement, which could mean anything. However, the fact that Dr. Disrespect’s subscribers are getting their refunds quite possibly hints that the star streamer is not coming back soon.

Dr. Disrespect Banned Over Criminal Offence?

Twitter account by the name of Slasher was the first one to announce the news:

The thing is, DMCA doesn’t lead to a ban and certainly not a permanent one. Dr. Disrespect getting banned comes at a highly unusual time since he resigned a contract with Twitch only recently in March 2020. People would say that there must be some sexual assault accusations against him. This has been happening recently as Twitch is currently trying to clean its house of sexual predators. While Dr. Drisresepect has a history of such actions, along with facing a temporary ban as well there is something odd. Beahm was not a targetted by any alleged accuser recently. in fact, his wife also posted a public statement saying that she will support him in the recent situation.

“The outpouring of love, support, strength, and kindness from the arena has truly been overwhelming. You all have made my heart full and I cannot thank you enough. No one better out there than the CC. You guys are amazing! Much love to you all”

It all leads to the fact that there something serious going on at the back of the stage. Again, Slasher is here to give us some hints:

Discord Partnership Ends As Well

Slasher has been accurate about many gaming news. From new deals for streamers to new games and leaks. The guy has been at the top of everything mostly. Moreover, ShannonZKiller, another streamer posted a tweet for moments before deleting it. She said that she knows what Dr. Disrespect did to get banned. She also said that he was not only done with Twitch, but his Discord partnership has also been taken away.

The fact that this is not leaking quite possibly means that the offense is either to distressing to be brought up in public view, or it has a criminal nature. If it is criminal then there must be law enforcement involved as well and that would explain why all the Twitch streamers are quiet about it.

Oh and another thing, the following are the final moments of his very last stream on Twitch. He receives a text message, his demeanor changes and he abruptly ends the stream. That was the last of what we saw of him.

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