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A fan of James Charles faked having cancer and dying from it

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It is true that often times, fans go to deranged lengths to get the attention of their beloved celebrities. However, this recent news has us wondering what those deranged lengths actually extend to. A fan of Make-up Guru and Beauty Influencer James Charles wanted to get his attention. So, in a not so conventional way, the fan believed that the best way to do so would be to die. That too with cancer. James Charles, in his world of drama and follower craziness, just had enough. The fan account faked the deadly disease so James would notice him. And James is not happy about it.

James Charles fan Faked Cancer and Death

The fan account, although with an anonymous owner, was being very heartbroken with his lost battle to cancer. One of the fan’s ‘last’ tweets asked followers to tag James Charles so he would notice him.

i’m gonna go offline remember if i’m not back tomorrow i have lost my battle!! someone tag james to let him know. (teary-eyed emoji)

The next morning he even posted a tweet supposedly from his ‘sister’ to let the world know he is dead.

James Charles is not happy with fan faking cancer and death.


Our sister is not happy. He is hurt by the notion that a fan would go to such lengths for the attention. For him, it is also a reminder of personal trauma and struggles as his mom is a cancer survivor. His tweet reads,

I understand people wanting to get noticed by their idol but my mom’s a cancer survivor and lying about something so serious just does not sit right in my heart…

While fans obviously mean to show their best sentiments at heart, things like these really do hit rough spots. James Charles is all for his fan sisters but to go to such an extreme probably is deranged in more ways than one can care for. The account has since been deleted and no longer exists on Twitter.

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