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End Of An Era: The Walking Dead Loses Its Rick Grimes

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These have to be the dog days for AMC’s fantasy thriller The Walking Dead. After being widely disdained for creative exhaustion, badly written dialogues, poor cliffhangers, and exits of a mass influx of pivotal characters, The Walking Dead does not seem to do any better. Things are like a race care speeding downhill, and we all are tightened to our seats anticipating a dead end. Recently fans expressed their anger on resorting to cheap tricks like faking Glenn’s death and leaving cliffhangers as to who Negan killed in the finale of the sixth season. And there was a colossal scale campaign to call quits.

Looks like the doom continues, Andrew Lincoln left fans shocked when he revealed he would be leaving The Walking Dead, during a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con for The Walking Dead. The star confessed that he needed to quit the show so he could spend more time with his family back in the UK.  Lincoln‘s character is still very much alive and well in the comic books from Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. This is a point of information for those who watch only the TV series. Lincoln will exit most probably in the early half of season nine, which premieres Sunday, Oct. 7 on AMC.

Lincoln exit of The Walking Dead may be disappointing, but it is nowhere shocking. In fact, speculations had been rife for quite some time now, and it has highly anticipated that Season 9 would walk ahead leaving its central face from its inaugural season behind.

Angela Kang says: “It definitely wasn’t something he sprung on us at the last minute, it was under discussion for a long time. He takes the job so seriously, is so lovely and wonderful to work with, and he wanted to make sure we had time to figure out our story and take care of that business.”

Lincoln’s character Rick Grimes had presumably no scope in the series. And, this is a very bona fide reality. The show which is greatly deprived of ‘reason’ pulled off another jig by killing off Rick’s son Charles Grimes. Chandler Riggs who had portrayed the reel son of Lincoln’s Rick was cropped out of the series to bring in more eyeballs. However, the dim move layered overcast over the future of the series, and of Lincoln’s character too. The man had already lost his wife, now he lost his beloved son. So what is backing this fierce battle for survival? Exactly nothing. There was nothing but a senseless gigantic chasm, and Rick has fallen prey to its bottomless nothingness.

Angela Kang remained tight-lipped on how Rick’s character will be written off. She; however, did give an insight into a parallel arc that is soon going to get included into the storyline. A new group called ‘Whisperers’ will walk into the show. They survive by wearing suits made from human flesh, allowing them to mix in both factually and culturally with the zombies who have taken over the earth. Samantha Morton (Hulu’s Harlots) and Ryan Hurst (FX’s Sons of Anarchy) are among the new cast members in the Whisperer camp, playing the menacing Alpha and Beta. Since they have been described as an ‘impending’ threat it might be possible that the makers will give a glimpse of their deception when they kill Rick. They might be more hypocritical than the villains that The Walking Dead has ever witnessed, and perhaps their true intentions would not come to the surface anytime soon.

The next season would also see, very thankfully, more shades of Negan. It is highly unlikely that Negan would catalyze Rick Grimes’ death. But since it is the show where literally anything can happen, we can’t ever be sure. The group will now try to rehabilitate post the death of their leader; they will try to build up a world like before. Internal conflicts are also extremely inevitable.

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    odd, twd the game had the same whisperer concept…

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