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Chris Evans Asks Paul Rudd About His Johnson!

That sounds like a very prickly conversation.

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Let’s face it, we loved the banter that The Avengers had between them. Some of our favorite scenes from the MCU are just the whole gang hanging out with each other. But, their real-life banter is just as fun as the one we saw in the movies. In fact, it’s so wild that Chris Evans recently just asked Paul Rudd the size of his Johnson!

Chris Evans

It’s always a treat to see The Avengers reunite again. This time it was Chris Evans and Paul Rudd on Variety’s Actors on Actors @ Home series. On it, Evans and Rudd asked a lot of “hard-hitting” questions to each other.

First, Chris Evans began with questions about Paul Rudd’s much-anticipated third Ant-Man film. But, Rudd very carefully deflected from giving an answer, saying:

I don’t know what I’m supposed to say or what I’m not supposed to say but with this quarantine who even knows anything anymore?

Of course, that answer wasn’t going to satisfy Evans at all. But, all Rudd had to say was that he is “not going to be able to say anything”.

And that is when Chris Evans dropped the bombshell.

Evans, without hesitating, went ahead and asked Rudd:

I might as well ask you what your paychecks are. Paul, what’s your p*nis size?

But, considering how good a sport Paul Rudd is, he didn’t back down from giving us a hint. He simply answered:

It’s even bigger than my paycheck.

Well, that must be some pecker that Paul Rudd has in his pants. For now, this exchange between Chris Evans and Paul Rudd is the best that this series has produced. But, we can expect more and more gems from them over time.

As far as Ant-Man 3 is concerned, all we know that it is happening. But that’s about it. So I guess we have to wait till quarantine is over and Marvel takes some serious decisions over it. Because I’m sure I can say the same for everyone that we’re starved for some good new movies right now!

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