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Brie Larson Reportedly Getting Offers From DCEU For Future Movies

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The Marvel fans might have differing opinions about her, but it seems like DCEU surely loves her. With petitions asking for her removal as Captain Marvel from the movies and also removing CM as the next leader of the Avengers, fans probably have made their decision. However, Brie Larson is reportedly getting several offers from the opposite side of the superhero movie giant. The star actor appeared in three Marvel movies, one of which she took the center stage. She is also an Academy Award winner.

Offers Rolling In For Marvel’s Brie Larson

Her audience might have differing views, but the movie industry doesn’t care at all it seems. Not only is Brie Larson set to lead the Avengers in the coming phase of the Marvel movies, but she might also appear in Star Wars! Kevin Feige is currently leading the development for a future SW project, which certainly means that her role in Disney is not complete yet.

However, the bigger news is that Brie Larson is possibly going to star for the next DCEU films as well. WeGotThisCovered reports Larson has been asked to play numerous characters in an effort to convince her to sign for the DCEU. Their intel is backed by the source who made claims that turned true as well. Now, they are reporting that Warner Bros is eager to sign her to get her on board for several projects.

The report further adds that one of these roles is of Lady Blackhawk, Zatanna, Hawkwoman, and Big Barda. DCEU is currently trying to establish more female superhero roles as prominent figures in the universe and they want Brie Larson to get a hold of one as well.

For now, there is no guarantee whether she is going to accept any offer at all, or whether this news is even correct. However, we sure imagine that the trolls are going to get a real kick out of her for starring as two superheroes at the same time! But perhaps, it won’t matter to her.

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