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Firework Conspiracy Theories Are Gaining Popularity Across The Internet

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Although there is no confirmed evidence, the firework conspiracy theories continue to erupt as more and more people notice and record random events of fireworks across the United States. The firework conspiracy has picked up so much heat that even Google Trends has produced a list of most famous questions people have been asking. “Why are there fireworks every night?” spiked on Google Search up to 650% just this past week! Check this out:

Fireworks Conspiracy Theories | Fireworks Every Night

This Twitter user explains, with alleged evidence, that the United States police force is behind the fireworks. People are reporting crackling noises in the sky every night for the past week. Many have recorded random fireworks setting off, without any occasion. Due to this, people have come up with fireworks conspiracy theories, which all point towards the recent anti-police protests.

Check out how this Twitter user explains it:


This particular tabloid is also reporting that people from the Bay Area, California calling for unreported fireworks.

Now, New York’s mayor has launched a new illegal fireworks investigation unit. The constant display of pyrotechnics is inspiring conspiracy theories that tell that the government is behind the fireworks. However, the rise of fireworks sales is possibly due to the July 4 season, and the restlessness of pandemic.

Fireworks conspiracy theories further state that this illegal intervention by the government is aimed at communities of color, to halt the Black Lives Matter movement.


next, the term “boompilled” has become popular in the firework conspiracy theories, thanks to Reddit. Check out this post:

#FireworkTruth: Time to Get BoomPilled from TrueAnon

The term refers to convincing oneself of the government’s involvement in the fireworks. The original reference comes from the term”red-pilled”, which is used to describe rejecting liberalism in favor of extreme right-wing agendas and misogyny.

Unfortunately, for these firework conspiracies, there is no concrete evidence as of now.

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