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James Charles spills some tea on his makeup career

"The frog is in the basket"

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James Charles made a bold decision of filming and releasing an almost hour-long unedited makeup tutorial video. Contrary to what he thought, the video gained a lot of views. Through it, we got to learn about some interesting details in his makeup career. Some tea was definitely spilled. But no, it actually has nothing to do with Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson drama. Although, he did indirectly address it.

James Charles shares his favorite collab

The makeup influencer shared that his most favorite collaboration on YouTube was with Kylie Jenner. Yep, The Kylie Jenner. It might be surprising to hear but James confirmed that Kylie Jenner is one of the nicest celebrities he has ever met.

Apparently, when they first filmed the video together, his microphone was switched off. Unfortunately, they had to redo the whole thing but Kylie Jenner was completely fine with it and cleared her whole schedule to do it:

We had so much fun on that day despite the audio cut out. It was like literally one of the scariest horrifying moments of my entire life…But her team was so nice and so supportive. And she like cleared her entire schedule, she’s like ‘let’s just do it again’. And that made me respect them so much.

James Charles shares his favorite part of the job

In a touching tale, James shared that he loved it when he inspired his fans to be their true authentic self. Especially, when it meant people could come out of the closet and be proud of who they were. James even told a story of one fan, Nicholas and his dad in a Meet-and-Greet:

This little boy came in with a full-face makeup. He had to be either like eight or nine years old. He was with his father and they came to the meet-and-greet and I took the photo with the Son. And the son walked away because he was really excited. And the father stayed back and was just like ‘I want to say thank you for doing what you do like I watch your videos with my son every single week and you have helped him be himself’ and I literally like burst out into tears.

Why James needed to get two surgeries for his work

One of the questions he got asked was if he’ll make a video explaining the details of his surgeries. To this, he replied, no because it wasn’t that interesting to him. But he did explain his surgeries in this one. He got two of them, one was LASIK eye surgery and one was his tonsillectomy.

He got the LASIK eye surgery because he really couldn’t see without his contact lenses. James recalled an incident where he forgot his contact lenses at a public event and it was very terrifying for him.  Moreover, the lenses make his eyes really dry every day. Hence, he just had to get LASIK eye surgery.

As for the tonsillectomy, he just wanted that because he’s almost always sick and his voice is often affected due to this in his videos. So, for personal convenience as well as less hindrance in his professional life, James Charles got these two surgeries.

The worst of his job

James Charles said that he hated one aspect of his makeup job. That was when he had to do makeup before filming a makeup video. He explained that he does not like doing simple glam looks and loves to do creative and artistic look:

doing just like normal glam is not really not fun for me like there’s nothing super exciting about it I like to sit down for seven hours straight and do like a crazy piece of art.

But for that, he often needs to do his makeup first before putting on the other one. And he said that part is annoying:

Least favorite part of my job is that I chose a job that requires me to like sit down and get ready for like two hours before I can actually perform that job.

James reveals when he deems it worthy to address drama and misinformation around him

James Charles shares he would not easily trust people as advice to his younger self. This could be in relation to his old friends that he trusted such as Tati Westbrook, Shane Dawson, and Jeffree Star. But he didn’t name any names and he didn’t intend to either.

When talking about what drama to address, James Charles said that 90% of the drama revolving him isn’t worth addressing. But it took him some time to get there:

When I first started in social media I used to literally address everything. And I truly felt like if like one person tweeted about me, it started an expose or something that it was like the end of my career. And now that I’ve experienced the actual end of my career I know it can’t get much worse than that.

He’s referring to his old Tati Westbrook scandal that almost ended his career.

Moreover, he is so glad that his followers are already out there debunking the lies and rumors about him:

I know that my followers are gonna Know Who I am as a person and hopefully people will be able to see the truth. A lot of times as well when it comes to misinformation – because of the things that I have dealt with so much BS and lies in the past – there’s almost like there’s a lot of times now we’re like something will come out about me that it’s just so far from the truth and thank God my followers are there to do the research and like literally pull receipts and prove that something is a lie without me.

Moreover, he stated that he will only apologize for things if he has actual remorse about them and if it actually hurt people. He won’t do it just to fuel attention to dramatic tweets that have no basis of truth.

Plus, James Charles notes that he has to be careful when addressing any issue because he addressing it will just fuel it more.

How he copes with videos not doing well

James also shared that he was bummed when his videos didn’t do well at the start of his career but now he’s learned that it’s okay:

it’s taken me a long time to realize like just because one video or even sometimes two or three videos in a row don’t do well does not mean that your next video isn’t gonna get 10 million views.

James Charles says that he understands that there are some things that affect the videos such as algorithms of YouTube or other external factors. Though, he and his team do try to see what they can improve so that the next video can do better:

I think it’s just constantly like wanting to one-up ourselves is really the mindset that like keeps us going.

James Charles shared a scoop of Instant Influencer

The makeup artist beamed about Instant Influencer and called it the thing he is most proud of:

Being able to actually put out like a reality show has been such a huge in mine and the fact that we were able to do that definite like favorite biggest accomplishment probably my entire career.

He said that season 2 of Instant Influencer is already being discussed and the fans will get to see things we didn’t in season 1 due to budget restrictions.

Sister Apparel launch of the new website

Sister Apparel details were spilled too:

so this Thursday and two days from now on Thursday, June 25th at 12 p.m. PST we’re doing the official sister apparel website opening. So it’ll be like literally every hoodie color that we’ve ever launched. Plus a few new hoodies that are coming will be available as well.


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