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Selena Gomez Dethroned as the 4th Most Followed Celebrity on Instagram

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In order to get a peak in an A-list celebrity’s life, you must follow them on Instagram. While the number of followers is important for some, others don’t rely on it. However, there is no denying the importance of it. Recently, Selena Gomez’s Instagram became the 5th most followed account. She has been dethroned from the 4th most followed position.


Although it is merely a photo-sharing app, Instagram has grown ten times since it was founded.

More than one billion active users are on Instagram. It is a huge deal for a photo-sharing platform. Initially, it was used by teenagers only but it has gained a large number of users from all age groups. Some use it for merely sharing personal photos like other social media platforms. However, Instagram has become a huge source of income for many businesses, bloggers, models, and celebrities. Similarly, large companies use it to promote their products and gain customers. At the same time, it is a huge tool for celebrities and Hollywood A-listers to interact with their fans as well as promote their work. Many celebrities like Selena Gomez’s Instagram have been used to tell their personal stories. In recent times, we have seen how Instagram has been used as a part of revolution.


Recently, Selena Gomez’s Instagram came to number 5 from number 4.

Previously, Selena Gomez’s Instagram was one of the most followed female celebrity accounts. However, she has come down from that position to number 5. It happened after Ariana Grande surpassed Selena Gomez’s Instagram as well as The Rock to reach number two. Right behind Cristiano Ronaldo, Grande has become the most followed female celebrity due to her interesting content. If you look at the sequence, Ronaldo is number 1, Grande number 2, The Rock number 3, Kylie Jenner number 4 and Selena Gomez’s Instagram is at number 5. However, in the race of most followers, the list is always changing and evolving. It will not be surprising if Gomez gets to number one.


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