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YouTube Is Teaching Hackers To Hack Facebook Accounts

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Talk about celebrity catfights and petty antics, but YouTube outwits them all. It’s now home to several; in fact, numerous DIY guides on how to hack into Facebook accounts. Things get a bit nostalgic when we recall how recently Facebook was embroiled in a privacy scandal. Just recently Mark had confirmed about the privacy of 50 million user accounts getting compromised.  Amidst all this mayhem, in God knows what degree of satire, YouTube is effectively adding fuel to the fire. And here is the thing, The videos are still, quite visibly, still there.

When we discuss YouTube’s utterly doltish algorithms and related coded mechanisms we have to accept the fact that YouTube simply does not care. It transfers children from watching Mickey Mouse Club House songs to masturbating Micky Mouse videos. And regrettably does not really do anything about it. Except for of course rant with the, ‘we break down our algorithms scrutinize and dry run….’ Bla Bla. YouTube has simply resigned from the idea of content filtration. Its parent Google claims to be a ‘media provider’ and not a media ‘police’. And Youtube carefully respecting the traditions continues the legacy. What is on YouTube, and how many people can watch it simply depends on the ‘keywords’ that power the videos- yes ‘words’. And since even the most unaware people can do a good job with ‘words’, everything irrespective of how obnoxious it may be is on YouTube.

DIYs are something we all love. But God has they not taken a bold turn. Apparently, there are several thousands of guides on the block that teach amateur computer whizzes to manipulate access tokens into gaining unauthorized access into private Facebook accounts. With these digital access tokens, users simply do not require passwords or usernames, they can simply just break win. And do you know what is worse? Well, practically every video of in this genre has several thousand or even million views. Just out of conversational kindness, the creep you just blocked might have broken into your Facebook account, and he may have read your chats with your best friend.

The best part is yet to come though. With the access tokens, hackers can also foray into third-party apps legally linked to your Facebook account. So basically the aforementioned creep might have also broken into your Instagram account. No biggie.

Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s head of cybersecurity policy, said that he was “aware of certain videos describing different elements of the attack” and that the company was “looking into these to make sure people’s accounts are protected”. We so believe you, Gleicher.

The blame is futile when the tangible truth is both parties are at fault. YouTube’s content management is just like my Maths grades, and Facebook’s privacy limitations are just as good as Trumps presidency.  Another sad reality is that the number 50 million is just the tip of an iceberg. I have honestly never seen the words ‘tip’, ‘iceberg’, and ’50 million’ in a single sentence ever before, but looks like Facebook and YouTube have really got us to do the impossible.  Apparently, hackers took the ‘Broadcast Yourself’ and ‘Stay connected’ slogans in the wrong context. So if you are a hacker, and you are reading this, the new mottos are: Broadcast Legal Stuff Yourself and Stay Connected With Privacy Limitations.

Apparently, whenever alike of this issue crops up, organizations point at ‘security loopholes’. These must not exist to start with. We understand technical errors, but you do hire brainy masters from across the globe to run your companies right? So why can every Tom and Harry break in so comfortably into your divinely monitored systems? Secondly, despite Google’s pledge of removing the videos, THE VIDEOS ARE STILL THERE. And not only this, there are in fact videos that teach you how to access videos that teach you unethical hacking. Not just this, there are even more videos that teach you to access videos that teach you to access videos that teach you hacking.

Amateur trolls have safely outmaneuvered YouTube and Facebook’s brainiacs. The blame is still on, and no solutions have been sought.

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