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The ‘Seinfeld’ Decision That Cost Jerry Seinfeld $110 Million!

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I don’t think there’s any sitcom more influential than Seinfeld. That show simply changed the way all of us saw TV shows and inspired a lot of other shows. Moreover, it made Jerry Seinfeld the most popular and richest comedian in the world. But, there’s this one decision about ‘Seinfeld’ that could have made him hundreds of millions of dollars richer!

Seinfeld – A success story

The Seinfeld Decision That Cost Jerry Seinfeld Millions Of Dollars
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The 90s was the era of Seinfeld! It all began in 1988 when Jerry Seinfeld collaborated with fellow comedian Larry David and began a show named The Seinfeld Chronicles.

With Jerry Seinfeld playing a fictional version of himself, this show introduced the world to a lot of talents. Those include Jason Alexander, Michael Richards, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. But, what made Seinfeld really popular was its theme – a “show about nothing”.

To put it simply, Seinfeld simply focused on random days and small situations of Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer. It was a hit for both the critics and the fans, and overtime its legend grew. Even today, decades after its controversial finale, the cast is still a household name. Even to this day, Jerry Seinfeld’s most famous work is that same show. But, there’s this one decision he made about the show that cost him hundreds of millions of dollars!

The decision that cost Jerry $110 million!

After 9 long seasons, Jerry Seinfeld was finally ready to call off Seinfeld once and for all. But, that doesn’t mean NBC was willing to let the show end.

Apparently, the showrunners had offered Jerry Seinfeld as much as $5 million per episode to keep Seinfeld running for a tenth season. With a 22 episode season, that would amount to almost $110 million dollars! If I’m being honest, I would have snapped their arm off.

But, Jerry Seinfeld did not budge. He believed that Seinfeld had come to its appropriate end and it was time to go. As a result, the show ended in 1998, with of course that horrific finale.

Decades later, many critics speculate that it might have been the right decision. With the departure of Larry David after the seventh season, Seinfeld’s lifetime was coming to a close. Therefore, it was best that Jerry Seinfeld stopped short after the ninth season. And considering he’s worth almost $950 million today, I’m sure he won’t miss much of those $110 million.

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