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Belle Delphine returns on YouTube with her lewd content

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If quarantine has not erased your memory yet, then you might remember the bath water girl that took over the internet last year. She goes by the name of Belle Delphine, an egirl who makes weird AF faces to gain clout. She got banned by Instagram, removed from some platforms due to her lewd content. Ultimately, Belle took a long break and finally she came back to her social profiles, probably thinking that the moderators would be busy working on COVID-19 updates. Unfortunately for her, Instagram was quick to ban her again. However, her comeback song is still on YouTube due to some reason and the simps are loving it.

Belle Delphine is back on YouTube and OnlyFans

After trolling her fans on Patreon and Pornhub, Belle Delphine is all set for OnlyFans and YouTube. Her YT videos are marked age-restricted and you cannot (and shall not) access her videos if you are under 18. Even though there is no n*dity in her latest song, the video is still not safe-for-work or for anyone under 18.

In the song titled I’m Back, inspired by 6ix9ine, Belle can be seen wearing non-existent clothes. Here is a sample of the song lyrics to give you an idea what Belle Coming Back is all about.

You were thinking I died, Bitch surprise!

I still got them double thicc thighs, no lies

And another line that’s going to trend on the internet a little longer, is “who actually regrets me? my mother”. Somewhere towards the end, Belle Delphine also confirms that since her bath water sold out, she is focusing on OnlyFans now to get some BIG BAG. (if you still do not know what this is all about, you need to improve your google-ing skills).

How people are reacting to Belle’s return?

Well, it’s probably safe to state that her true fans are really happy to have her back. Whether it is for her creative lewd content, or for her egirl “cuteness”, she is getting all the love she can from her fans.

Meanwhile, some people have random reactions on YouTube.

Belle Delphine

And then there are some people who are not really glad to have Belle Delphine back in their social profiles’ feed.

A twitter-azzi also confirmed that Belle Delphine has 3K subscriptions on OnlyFans, while she joined the platform on June 15, 2020. She is charging $35 per person, and that’s like $105k per month at this rate.

Her latest track has 497k likes and 216k dislikes. While, the views count is at 12.44 million within 8 days. Whether people hate her or like her, they are still watching her content.

Are you happy to see her back? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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