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Gabbie Hanna praises Lil Nas X for reconciling with Nicki Minaj

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To say Gabbie Hanna has been active on Twitter this past week would be an understatement. She’s probably raised her tweet count by at least a thousand tweets by now with all that she’s been tweeting. She is standing up for herself and shutting down the drama that surrounds her. While talking to her fans about the internet and its cruel ways, she finds the tweets between Nicki Minaj and Lil Nas X. The YouTuber was quick to slip in and add her piece of mind in their conversation. Basically, Lil Nas X had denied being one of Nicki’s Barbies (Hence barbs) are while back. This was a time when Nicki was getting bandwagon hate. Now he proudly calls himself a barb and Nicki Minaj says all is forgiven.

As Lil Nas X is apologizing, Gabbie Hanna ques in and lets out her steam in a reply to their tweets.

She praises Nas X for standing in the face of Cyberbullying and Internet Hate.

Twitter accounts react to Gabbie Hanna ruining Lil Nas X and Nicki Minaj’s moment.

Although we found that adorable, and maybe Gabbie was just complimenting Nas X for his strength but it seems that Twitter did not find it so. In the reply threads, there are many comments like,

Why do you insert yourself everywhere, like girl move this is a mother and son bonding situation right now.

Some took it a step too far with attacks on Gabbie Hanna. One account shows a big nose popping out of a screen supposedly poking itself in a crowd’s business.

Some even shared Spongebob memes telling Gabbie Hanna she ruined an adorable bonding moment.

One fan explains the situation that Lili Nas just did not want people to find out he was gay. It wasn’t about the bandwagon hate Gabbie is about.

Girl Skull He didn’t say he denied being a barb because of the bandwagon hate. He denied being a barb cause he didn’t want people finding out he’s gay.

It seems that Gabbie Hanna cannot seem to catch a break.

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